Leading In Government – Women Who Lead

Rachel Butler talks about the fantastic women leading in government for Doncaster, South Yorkshire, and how they have developed on the town.

Words: Rachel Butler

Photography: Warren Draper, John Fuller


Ros Jones, an obvious choice, but not many regions can say they have a female mayor. Ros is one of only four females in the country holding this elected title; that in itself is a huge achievement. From the humble roots as a miners’ daughter with a brain for maths she became an accountant and has been working in local government ever since. Since 2010, Doncaster has been affected by the biggest cuts. Ros Jones has used those accounting skills to pull the town out of a financial black hole. In the past, Doncaster was called the “basket case of the north”.The town has been transformed, and is now being seen as a place to invest and live.

The highest position in our local authority is also held by fellow girl boss JoMiller, CEO of Doncaster Council.There’s no other word for it,Jo is a transformational and inspirational leader. Last year she was named the third most influential person working in local government in Britain and she’s working for us in Donny.Jo has spoken out frequently about equality between sexes, and people of different ethnic and social backgrounds. She’s passionate about promoting “a north that works for everyone”. That’s why we rate her.

You can’t help but get inspired by the work of Lani-Mae Ball, a Councillor in Conisbrough.

At 25, Lani embodies the mantra“if you think you can do a better job, go and give it a go”. Active in the Conisbrough and Denaby areas, Lani is committed to battling the negative social impacts of austerity in the local community and ensuring our young people have provision and positive activities to engage in.She’s one to watch.


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