Be A Pole Queen

An anonymous reader shared there journey into pole fitness in Doncaster.

Roughly one year ago, after ending a long-term relationship, I decided to try a pole dancing class to reconnect with my neglected feminine side. Feeling very dislocated from my body, I was looking for something new that could help me find my inner vixen. Not only did pole dancing look fun, I’d heard it was one of the best workouts you’ll ever do.

My Pole Studio Doncaster started 10 years ago and runs regular classes above the recently refurbished Hallcross pub at the top of Hallgate in the town centre. The classes are one hour long and a mixture of stretching, dancing, climbing, yoga, and gymnastic style moves which mean it’s not boring and a constant challenge. Because of the nature of the class, pole is literally the best thing I’ve ever done for my mind and body. People of all backgrounds and body shapes take part, plus a couple of boys too which I didn’t expect.

The world of pole dancing fitness is relatively new but it’s growing in respect as a serious athletic discipline if not an art form in its own right. As a newbie, I love the challenge of a new move and watching and learning from my fellow pole queens. The instructors are talented and patient so you will find yourself climbing and twirling around the pole faster than you could ever imagine. If you stick at it long enough, in a year you’ll be hanging upside down doing what’s known as “the crucifix”, which means you have  no hands on the pole with your bare thighs holding you in position. It’s such a buzz.

Pole class also feels like a family and it’s great to connect with new people at each class. In October, there’s a show held at the Glass House in Kirk Sandall where everyone gets to show off a new routine, friends and family members all attend. There’s killer heels, booty shaking, duets and a raffle. I attended the show last year but didn’t perform. It was such a lovely positive experience seeing everyone proud of their bodies and what they had learned. In a world of “everyday sexism” and the “Me Too Campaign” the pole show creates a safe environment where women of all backgrounds and ages can have fun, look stunning and show off their moves. Instead of being heckled and harassed for our sexiness, women were being respected for their bodies and what they can do.

The world of pole dancing might be a little niche in Doncaster, and an escape from normality, but what it’s doing in terms of health, fitness, body confidence and self empowerment is bloody magnificent. Get on it. Be a pole queen!

(You also don’t have to be a girl. Pole kings are welcome too)

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