Prawn Shop

Bipolar talks about the unique and fascinating Prawn Shop and what they have to offer.

Words: Bipolar Abdul

Photography: Courtesy of the Prawn Ship

Loading up the home page of Georgia Hamilton’s label website “The Prawn Shop” left me shook. Right there in front of my eyes was the boldest, most unapologetic graphics of a woman’s bare breast, and a woman’s beautiful butt – a huge middle finger to the patriarchal norms we expect when scrolling through clothing stores. It’s not very often a home page catches me like that.

Welcome to the Prawn Shop, loud feminist designs in gender neutral sizing. I spent forever browsing through the products, enlarging the photos just to take them in. This really is a brand to watch, with something for anyone. Make a feminist statement in a piece like “smile”, or rep the brand in “prawn shop” (a green sweatshirt sporting a prawn), all at a reasonable price.

It feels independent and real. It’s unbelievably on trend with that 90’s block colour vibe, to me it’s almost nostalgic of that colour palette of brands like the Sweater Shop. Carrying an important message that fashion is still fun, even when it’s got its fist in the air giving no fucks. The high street doesn’t hold shit on these pieces. This is about catching eyes and starting conversation, showing where you stand against society’s bull, expressing yourself through powerful means.

The way women are depicted over this brand is bloody gorgeous. They show reality. They show me the kind of woman I see every day. The most beautiful women in the world, the every woman. Uncensored female nipples brandished in bright colours, unashamed. There is really nothing more gorgeous, and very much needed. This is art, not just wearing clothes.

Don’t get me wrong. Not every piece is a giant political statement. Some of the designs are just damn cute. Whether you want to make an overt statement or not, just buying from this company is supporting a super important movement. It’s obvious that both equality and diversity are number 1 to Georgia and The Prawn Shop, just jumping onto their site for a few seconds made that very clear. It’s playful and effervescent, with gravity and meaning. It manages to be serious, whilst flirting outrageously with my eyes. Being an art owner is different these days, we buy it and wear it – and I can’t wait to wear it. All in all, it’s absolutely beautiful.

Check out the Prawn Shop HERE

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