To UnFold

The mighty, Anastasia Walker of Bang Bang Romeo interviews Thorne born now London based musician Amy Woodroffe.

Words: Anastasia Walker

Illustration: Maria Krasheninnikova

Ladies and Gents, meet Amy. Hailing from the North, then moving to the South, then back to the North again to seek her fortune (oh how times have changed) she has something that many a mainstream artists fail to achieve, and that is: a clear identity. She wouldn’t be out of place sharing a bed with Thom Yorke, Portishead and Bjork in some strange hazy dream you once had.

I made the fatal mistake of closing my eyes while listening to Colder, Amy’s latest release. I can imagine this is what Robert Di Nero’s character, Noodles from Once Upon A Time In America, felt like when he hit the deck after being catapulted into an opium daze. Oozing in cryptic lyrics, a delicate and haunting vocal accompaniment with a charming falsetto to lead the track’s vibesis almost a poetry reading over an electronic keys lullaby. If you’re looking for verse, chorus, verse chorus ‘balls out’ bangers, this isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for chilled, haunting story telling, look no further. But enough speculation, we should probably ask the lady herself what inspired her latest track…

Let’s go straight back to basics, first and foremost, where are you from and how did Explicare get its start?

Thank you for having me! Originally I’m from Thorne, a small village in South Yorkshire. I chose the title ‘Explicare’ because I identify with what the word represents. It’s from the Latin language, and literally means ‘to unfold’. A while back, I lived in East London and I was surrounded by art and music and fashion. I wrote tonnes of poetry and music, wore crazy outfits, hung out in dark nightclubs and warehouse parties listening to house and techno. As a teenager I studied violin and piano, and focused mainly on performing in, and writing music for, orchestra. But from my little flat in East London, I was discovering my true identity. It was like I was watching myself constantly unfold every day into a little bit more of my authentic self. And I still am unfolding every day! So, I called myself Explicare. I also really like the word; it’s beautiful.

‘Colder’ is your latest offering, can you tell us what inspired the lyrics?

I wrote ‘Colder’ one night when I felt overwhelmed by technology and social media. A friend actually described it as “a hymn against modern technology”.  I felt plagued. In my head, I saw this mixture of images: metal, flowers, bones, white walls and blue screens. In reality, we leave miniscule traces of our being everywhere (fingerprints, hair) all over the place. But we have an alternative reality today, consisting of less human versions of ourselves. Those versions are so fragile and yet so influential to society’s expectation of an individual. “Metal hearts” symbolises the online persona, whether it be on Instagram, Facebook or Tinder, we all can create these alternative characters. “Once touched, they shatter into shards” represents encountering someone in reality; it’s kind of demystifying, the connection becomes authentic and the depth to it is much more significant.The final lines of the song say “I know just what it’s like” in which I mean to say “I understand how easy it is to get too close to technology”. It’s difficult to feel present sometimes; it takes a lot to gather yourself and step away. At the end, I repeat the line “our souls collide” because I wanted to end the song on my own memory of authentic connections with certain people. Those moments in life are so powerful. Some people, they just leave a print on you forever. I wanted to try to create an image of that.

You can find Colder by Amy over on Soundcloud.


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