Doncopolitan presents Nightlife at the Museum

Words: Vicky Prior

Photography: Vision

Doncopolitan is bringing the magic of a weekend to a weeknight with their Nightlife experience at Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery. The event will take place as part of Doncopolitan Crawl on Tuesday 23rd of July. Visitors are recommended to attend from 8pm.

Club culture hits Doncaster Museum with Doncopolitan’s first pop-up bar, serving special gin and tonics infused with five-leaf ginseng. The ginseng was grown locally at Bentley Urban Farm. The G and T’s will be available for £3.50 while the rest of the night out is free.

You can’t have a club night without a DJ and we’ve brought local underground house phenomenon Vision. I spoke to member Lewis who told me a bit about Vision’s background and why they enjoy working with Rachel Horne and Doncopolitan.

‘Vision is Doncaster’s leading underground house music event, bringing the best in rising talent and in-demand artists from across the UK. Vision saw the launch at Vintage, Silver Street back in 2017 which then lead the brand to take on venues: Huellas, Tiki, Mañana, Secrets, Bijou and most recently CAST all of which have been sell-out events. The brand consists of DJs, promoters, graphic designers, content creators and entrepreneurs that work as a collective. Creativeness and out-of-the-box thinking allowed Vision to continuously host exclusive and unique shows within its hometown of Doncaster, permitting a cultural social society to form alongside music consumers.

We will be providing DJ sets with a journey through underground house music in mind that span over the years, inspiring us to be where we are today. Also spreading awareness of our culture and how much impact we’re having within Doncaster positively and socially.

The reason we wanted to be involved came from Rachel’s passion and drive towards culture within Doncaster. She has given us a lot over the past year and we love working with her. To get us involved in this is great and also provides a platform to people formally see who we are and what goes on behind our brand Vision.’

Also performing on the night will be Ryan Harsten of Urban Conceptz, part of the Cast Associate Programme. Ryan explained as an artist and performer I’m inspired by a plethora of things. I’m inspired by things that make me uncomfortable, ideas that make me nervous and projects that have true risk and integrity. Things that push me out of my comfort zone, things that challenge me and cause me to evolve.

I’m an artist that thrives on improvisation, impulse and instinct. I react. I feel. I immerse. I’m involved with the Doncopolitan  Crawl because I want to support the arts in Doncaster. I want to meet other performers, artists, creatives and people, and see places and spaces I’m aware unaware of. I’m excited to support this event going forward and pushing the movement, culture and community in an upward direction for Doncaster.’

If this sounds like your cup of (g and) tea, come along to Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery from 8pm on Tuesday 23rd of July. If your out in town from 5pm, check our website for info on other events that make up this year’s Doncopolitan Crawl.

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