Make some noise for Silent Style at Fret don’t Fret

Words: Vicky Prior

Photography: Rebecca Gathercole, Lindsay McGlone & Warren Draper

Unless you’re in the habit of walking around Doncaster with your eyes shut, you’ll have noticed a very distinctive rabbit has taken over our streets. This rabbit is the brainchild of Imogen Carline, a local artist whose bold drawings have seen a surge in popularity.

Imogen’s World, as its known, is now so iconic it’s inspiring others. Makeup artist Rebecca Gathercole saw Imogen’s self portraits and immediately wanted to create a makeup look based upon them. Together with photographer Shane Pegram and influencer Lindsay McGlone, a series of photographs have been made showcasing the Imogen Look. These photographs will be on display at Fret don’t Fret on Tuesday 23rd of July as part of Doncopolitan Crawl.

Talent runs in the Carline family, as Imogen’s dad, Frank is playing songs to accompany the exhibition, along with band Al and the Geriatrics. I spoke to Imogen’s mum, Sue, to find out more;

‘Imogen is a 17-year-old, non-verbal, severely autistic artist. She uses art to express how she sees her world and the things that are important to her. She is a multimedia artist who is inspired by the materials that catch her eye. Animals, family and cartoons form the basis of her artwork, which she revisits periodically. Frank is playing at the same venue to support Imogen in her role as an emerging artist in the Doncaster culture scene.’

Frank Carline is a friend of Zel who owns Fret don’t Fret, a charming guitar shop on Priory Place. Because of this friendship, Zel was keen to host Silent Style, ‘Frank’s a friend and he likes Imogen’s art so nice to be a part of something like that, to support a direct cause, someone you know.’ Lindsay McGlone wanted to be involved because she feels a connection to Imogen. She explained;

‘I’m a model for the shoot that’s celebrating and is inspired by a young artist called Imogen! We will be experimenting with textures and colours to hopefully represent Imogen’s World. I really wanted to be a part of it, firstly because I genuinely have a love for Imogen’s work and secondly because as Imogen lives with ASD and I am a support worker it’s a nice tie between us. I am passionate about celebrating individuality and difference and that’s something I feel Imogen represents in abundance. I’m super excited to see the outcome and I’m honoured to be asked to be a part of it!

When people ask me how I became an influencer I always feel a little odd. Like as soon as someone feels a certain way, does something because of you or in result of. You are an influencer. I guess I’ve just been lucky, I work with some of my favourite brands and I’m so grateful. I intended to make my account influential but I really didn’t think my growth would be this quick.’

Her popularity might be a shock to Lindsay, but anyone who has seen her stunning Instagram account won’t be surprised. She’s an absolute natural in front of the camera and I predict this won’t be the last collaboration we see between her and Rebecca Gathercole. Speaking of the makeup artist who spearheaded this event, I asked Rebecca about her background and inspiration and received what can only be described as a personal essay in return. It was so good I’m printing it here in full:

‘I like most of my art to express emotion and feeling. I got into make-up being a TV & film geek as a teenager, watched a lot of Doctor Who, and regularly had horror film nights with my parents. I especially liked the behind the scenes footage, seeing how the artists would create crazy monsters or complex characters. Didn’t even realise makeup as a career choice until I dropped out of college doing media studies.

I enrolled in makeup courses at another college, I was unemployed, depressed and discovered my passion, and signed up to a make-up and sfx degree for the fun of it. It’s not really that deep.

In my second year of uni I found my niche, I absolutely love character design, and specialised in this in my final year. Creating an abundance of complex, interesting characters for my portfolio. Learning so many different techniques to achieve this. I want my images to tell a story, get people thinking. I think make-up can be quite frowned upon because a lot of people think of Instagram, crazy contouring and the “glam” side of it, but there’s so many different sides to makeup as a whole. I’m arty but shite at traditional art, my canvas is the human body & face.

I pitched the idea of working with Imogen’s world to Rachel earlier this year, I was so inspired by Imogen and her story, my original idea was to advertise her t-shirts, and make them more “fashion”. I wanted to push myself outside of character design, but also provide Imogen’s world exposure and free advertising. Imogen is one of the most inspiring, and creative young individuals I’ve met, she touches my heart and i literally just want to help get her name out there.

Big lashes, bright, concentrated blush, she breaks the rules when she does her own makeup. Her art & creativity speaks for her, it’s her way of communicating. This shoot is all about Imogen, I wanted to let her know that she inspires me, like they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery.’

I strongly suspect we’ll be seeing many imitations of this striking makeup look after the Doncopolitan Crawl. This event, as with all the others, is completely free to attend and takes place fromĀ  5pm on Tuesday 23rd of July.

This is the final blog in our Doncopolitan Crawl series. I hope you have enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

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