‘Rats to Riches’ Review By Bake Battle and Roll

We have a special blog from the Bake Battle and Roll team which gives a detailed review on a new board game called ‘Rats to Riches’. Bake Battle and Roll is one of the gems located within Doncaster that provide endless board games for family and friends to try out and play. This is the perfect place to hang out as well as get involved in their many events and activities.

Words: Bake Battle and Roll

Photography: Bake Battle and Roll

Published by: Accentuate games
Players: 2-5
Game length: 15-45 minutes

Game overview:
Rats to riches is the latest release from Accentuate games, designed by Eugene Lim. It has recently been awarded gold in the independent toy awards Best board game category. Rats to riches is a bright and colourful card collecting game which sees players take the role of rats scheming to be ‘The big cheese’. To do this you have to invest in swindle (the in game currency) and cheeses to grow your sewer empire. Be the first to 100 swindle to be crowned the Biggest cheese.

Game play:
Players start the game with three cheeses and some swindle, on a players turn they can visit the open sewer and spend cheeses on cards to improve their empire. As the game progresses the cards in the open sewer become both more expensive and more effective to help with creating the best underground empire fit for the big cheese. To end a turn players can pay swindle into the slush fund to buy new cheese ready for their next turn. Some cards allow players to take on the role of the cheese bosses which means they collect the swindle for the cheese. At the end of the round the player with the most swindle takes the Big cheese marker and gains an extra 2 swindle income.

Thematic ties:
From start to finish this game really sticks to its theme from the sewer pipes on the board to the creative place names like the cesspit, The rat pack and the cheese bank this game really is all about filthy scheming rats.

James: 10/10 Rachel: 10/10

We love how the bottom of this colourful cheesy box opens out into a nicely themed board with clearly defined areas for all components. The characters have clearly been specially designed for the game and show how much time and detail has gone into the design process. The big bosses are sat at their desks and the very attractive big cheese piece is made from metal giving it a sense of importance. The cheese triangles are a cute addition to this game and provide lots of additional colour to the board. The only thing that might improve the aesthetics of the game would be if the cards were a slightly better quality.

James: 8/10 Rachel: 9/10


After playing this game at the UK games expo we couldn’t wait to find out when it was being released because we really wanted a copy for the cafe as we knew our customers would love it. This is definitely a game that we will be introducing to a lot of people and we feel that because of the variety of cards making each game different that this is not a game we will get bored of quickly.

James: 8/10 Rachel: 9/10

Game length:
The suggested game length on the box is 15-45 minutes and this makes sense as the game plays much quicker with fewer players. We have played it as a 2 player game which took us just over 15 minutes and that felt like a good time, not making the game feel too short.

Ease of play:
The instruction book is very simply designed and game set up is very easy to follow with a picture of the complete set up on the back of the board and a smaller picture of the card set up in the book. All of the different card types are shown in the instructions as well as a clearly written description of how to take your turn. The only thing we found a little unclear is the instructions on awarding the big cheese token at the end of the round to the player with the most swindle. The game is easy to learn and we are excited to show it to many of our customers in the next few weeks.

James: 7/10 Rachel: 8/10

Tactics and strategy:
Rats to riches is a surprisingly tactical game as there are a number of ways to earn big swindle quickly and choosing the right time to do this can make a big difference to your chances of being crowned ‘The big cheese’. Some of the cards allow you to take swindle from others, remove cards and send them to the cesspit or collect pipes which you can trade in for big money rewards.

James: 7/10 Rachel: 7/10

We are really pleased to have a copy of this in the cafe and feel sure that it will be a game that is played regularly here due to its fun and colourful design, great gameplay and simple to learn rules.

Final scores:

James: 8/10 Rachel: 9/10


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