Queen Of Colour (Issue 35)

Words: Sue Burton

Photography: Warren Draper

Can wearing the right colours, improve your wellbeing?

Wearing the right colours can lift your mood, make you look and feel incredible, and take an outfit from dull to dazzling in one step. Finding the right shade can be tricky, but a professional colour analysis will demonstrate how your appearance alters when dressed in different shades. In the right shades, eyes will sparkle and colouring is enhanced.  Conversely, the wrong shades instantly age a person and can make them look washed out.

How do you analyse someone’s colour?

We’re all different, but we all have a unique combination of colour tones falling within the spectrum of seasonal categories. Names of seasons of nature are used as a way of describing a person’s individual colouring.  Some of us are ‘spring’, looking best in warm, fresh vibrant colours, while others shine in the cooler delicate shades of ‘summer’. The golden russets of ‘autumn’ suit some people while others tend to dazzle in striking tones of ‘winter’.

Colour analysis is about texture and coordination with colours that easily mix and match, making sure you’ll always look and feel your best. At first glance, sticking to a specific palette of colours may appear to give less choice, but in reality there is so much more. The process quickly becomes highly cost-effective because the clothes purchased will always coordinate with existing items in your wardrobe.

So, when you start buying the right colours, it could even save you money?

Yes. You will no longer throw away hard-earned cash on clothes you rarely wear and, in the future, everything new you buy will compliment you and everything else in your wardrobe. Instead of a depressing array of one-offs that clash with each other, you will soon have a truly integrated wardrobe of clothes and accessories and will be able to create the maximum number of outfits from a minimum amount of garments. You will no longer make expensive mistakes, you may even end up buying fewer clothes, and spending more on those you know are going to look good.

In your opinion, can style and colour help someone improve their own body image?

Yes. Dressing well and looking good isn’t about size, it’s about shape and style. The ‘ideal’ body shape is evenly proportioned and balanced and this is what we should emulate when dressing our own body by choosing the right styles, cuts, fabrics and colours to suit us. We all have issues with certain areas of our body. We all want to appear to have the perfectly balanced figure and the trick is to understand how to dress the individual parts of our body to achieve this. We all come in different shapes, heights, sizes and scale. Your body may be straight or it may be curvy or it may be a combination of both. An hourglass shape needs a different style to one that is round or pear shaped, and if you’re wearing the wrong styles, your figure faults will be glaringly emphasised, and the good points missed altogether. Knowing you look wonderful on the outside has the positive effect of making you feel beautiful on the inside as well. Wearing your true colours and perfect styles can produce a mini-miracle in increased self-esteem: with your transformation and new-found confidence, you radiate good feelings about yourself!

You can book individual appointments with Sue via her website colourstyleanalysis.com or attend one of her forthcoming group events. Sadly she’s booked up until February 2020. We’ll release the new dates online.

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