Artist: Paul Freeman

Interview from Doncopolitan issue 35.

The Doncopolitan team got the chance to interview the winner of the most recent Doncaster Arts Fair, Paul Freeman. Paul Freeman creates beautiful  paintings of different landscapes and environments. You can follow Paul’s Art page on Facebook HERE.

Words: Paul Freeman & Emma Gullon

Paintings: Paul Freeman

Hi Paul. Congratulations on winning the recent Doncaster Art Fair! How does that feel?

The feeling of winning an award like this is a wonderful validation. After all, there are some terrific artists at art fairs and being judged to be showing the best single artwork among several hundred feels special. The Doncaster award was second in a recent hat-trick, the third being the best in show at the prestigious Holmfirth Artweek.

When did you start developing your style of work?

I took up painting only 3 years ago and so my style is very much a work in progress. At the moment, my painting contains elements of high contrast – faded, jaded wishy-washy art is not for me.

What is it about beautiful landscapes that gives you inspiration?

I love the way light, weather and the seasons paint an ever-changing picture in every single one of our landscapes. Take a walk in the last light in your favourite woodland and look towards the light. It is all the inspiration I need.   

How do you find working as a visual artist in Doncaster?

Around Doncaster and Rotherham, our landscape is not famous for its natural beauty. My job as an artist is to interpret and unearth its hidden gems. I would much rather do this than try to say something new about the Alps.

What is your creative process?

My creative process often begins with a print from a phone picture, scribbling out or editing out the bits that don’t say much. Sometimes a sketch is a much better option. Fussy detail kills composition. The painting then has watercolour washes mapping the light, then comes more rich pigment with the final finish often being the lightest and darkest elements in gouache and acrylic.

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