Al Murray Interview: Emma Gullon

Hi Al! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me! It’s very exciting that you’re coming to Doncaster! How do you feel about performing here? 

It’s been something like 15 years ago since I last performed in Doncaster so I can’t remember much about the venue from the last time I was here! It’ll be a nice refresher for me AND the Pub Landlord!

Obviously, this country is a bit Topsy Turvey at the moment. Do you think now is a good time for The Pub Landlord to make a comeback? 

It is an amazing time  to be touring with him! A lot of people have been asking me ‘how do you keep up?” but the truth is I love that all this stuff is going on in the world. People think satire is being outflanked by reality, but I think it’s the other way around, and there’s a lot to write about. I also think people are starting to pay attention to world events now too.

Looking at how you are in real life compared to  your Landlord character, are you worried that there’s an expectation for you to be one in the same person? 

No, Not really. I think the audience know exactly what’s going on and that it’s not real. I don’t really lose any sleep over that. Interestingly, the thing I get asked about a lot is that does that it doesn’t not happen a lot more, but I’ve never really encountered people who think that way.

What sort of things can the audience look forward to see you do with this show? 

For those who have seen me before, there’s a lot of stuff that they will expect The Pub landlord to have an opinion on. He’ll be talking about  everything from smartphones, health and safety and will of course have a big slab on Brexit – it’s unavoidable!

Catch Al Murray: Landlord of Hope & Glory at The Doncaster Dome on Friday 29th November! Click the link below for tickets

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