Artist: Megan Bailey (Issue 36)

We got the chance to interview college student Megan Bailey. Based in Doncaster, Megan’s sculptures focus on using materials and transforming them into pieces of art.

Words: Megan Bailey

Photography: Megan Bailey

What inspired you to become an artist?

I originally wasn’t going into an art based industry. However, I was inspired by the work of Martin Parr to start with after looking at his work. I started my journey with just painting and drawing. However, I did start my art career doing photography.

How do you create art with fly tipping materials?

To start with the idea of creating work from fly tipping was a bit intimidating because this was the first time I wanted to do work like that. I just started by putting pieces together and playing with the materials I had in front of me. I found that different materials have different ways of being shaped. I like soft materials because of the shapes I can make from them.

Have you taken any inspiration from other artists?

When I originally started doing my sculptures I didn’t actually look at any artist because it was a spur of the moment decision. However, recently I found that there are many artists that do a similar style of work in their own unique way.

What are people’s opinions about your art?

I have managed to turn a few heads with my artwork. However, I’m trying to express that the environment is important and acts such as fly tipping are unacceptable. Saying this, I have received positive feedback from my work due to the concept behind my original idea.

What is your creative process when starting to create your art?

I have a sketchbook that all my initial ideas are in. I tend to just go to different fly tipping sites and re-arrange different materials to get my thought process flowing into my sculptures.

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