Fashion Week: Be Steadfast (Issue 36)

The Doncaster Fashion week was one of the best events we had in Doncaster for 2019, celebrating the fashion industry and showcasing a large variety of clothes designed by creatives and designers. For this piece Rachel talks about The Doncaster Fashion Week and Leach McMullen who was the creative director behind the event.

Words: Rachel Horne

Photography: Zero Visuals

To be steadfast is to be unwavering, loyal and true to oneself. It’s also on the Doncaster coat of arms if you’ve ever seen it. It’s very apt that our town’s first fashion week has adopted this biblical motto, it sums up the event’s Creative Director Leah McMullen perfectly.

Leah, who is a single mum with two twin boys, brought over five hundred people together for the event at the The National College for Advanced Transport and Infrastructure (previously the National College for High Speed Rail).

Architects Bond Bryan designed this iconic building rooted in both Doncaster’s past and future. Paying homage to our town’s significant contributions to the rail industry and railway heritage. The building is about tradition, technology and innovation. This reflects what businesses like Hitachi and Siemens are bringing to Doncaster today. Design, logistics and engineering are our town’s future. It was, therefore, a well considered location for a pioneering high-end fashion week.

The event was only possible due to many Doncaster-based creatives giving their time for free.

A group of over twenty volunteer hairstylists and make-up artists were led by Jamie Pratt from the Hairstylist Salon and make-up artist Charlotte French. Each team worked with thirty volunteer models that walked the catwalk with the same swag you’d find and London and New York.

In total, at least two hundred creatives took part with designers and collections travelling from across the globe, including Korea, USA and Barcelona. This was all part of Leah’s vision to “set global standards for Doncaster’s next generation”.

Liz Campos, who’s designs came from Mexico was one of the event’s highlights. Her collection titled “The Eudaimonia” was inspired by recycled fashion, eco textiles and modular design.

Leah has already got the ball rolling for 2020 when there will be two catwalk events as well as workshops and development opportunities for creatives.

This is a game change for the creative industries in Doncaster.

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