Covid 19 & Doncaster

There’s no escaping the impact this awful illness is having on a national and global scale. The long term consequences are both daunting and devastating. The Doncaster community has drastically changed in this crazy week along with the rest of the world. I have asked local businesses and sole traders how COVID-19 is affecting them and how they are coping;

Kim Farr – Local Artist

Photograph by Warren Draper

At the moment we are self-isolating. Hubby was ill over last weekend. High temperature, a cough and his chest was tight. He took himself off to bed for a couple of days and the house went into self-isolation – Me, hubby, and two sons Alex (24) and Luke (12). Luke’s autistic so he’s happy about it. Me and Alex are 3rd year art degree students doing dissertations. Obviously things are on complete hold at the new fringe. Nobody’s going in to use the studio spaces and exhibitions have been cancelled. 

So there’s no networking or socialising going on. All practical work is on hold and God knows if we will have a final exhibition at college. Not going crazy yet. Thank God for social media, facetime and mobile phones. Keeps you sane doesn’t it?

I don’t think it has affected us as much as others. We are a family of four so we have company. Can’t imagine how people living on their own in isolation are coping.

Dizz Roulette – Tattoo Artist at Limited Edition

Artwork by Dizz Roulette

How is COVID-19 affecting me? Since the threat of a lockdown, we have closed the door to the tattoo studio and operated on an appointment only basis to reduce any footfall, and unnecessary contact with the general public. These precautions were made for the best interest in our clientele, our families and ourselves.

Since then we have now made the decision to close the studio indefinitely, until it is safe to reopen and everyone is healthy. This wasn’t an easy choice to make as not only do we have bills to pay, but it is our livelihood; every artist at Limited Edition LIVES to tattoo! It’s all I’ve done myself for the last 9 years. I don’t know anything else that keeps me grounded. 

As for the financial side of things, it is worrying. But the gov seems like they may be able to help, so keeping a positive attitude!  My biggest worry with this potential lockdown and self-isolation is my family and my own mental health. Cabin fever can set in and we can feed off others emotions and this worries me. But in times like this we need to stay strong, for our families, our friends and ourselves! 

Vicky Prior – Freelance Writer

Ok, so we’re coping pretty well. I already work from home and my parents both have pensions so hopefully our finances will be stable. The main concern is that with me being on immunosuppressants for Crohn’s Disease and them both being over 70, we don’t have anyone to collect for us if and when we all have to self-isolate. 

ASDA pharmacy told us today that they won’t deliver medication to us, nor is Mum (ironically the healthiest but oldest person in the house) allowed to collect it when she goes to store in the special elderly shopping hours. I’m assuming this policy will change pretty quickly, or else there will be a lot of angry pensioners in Doncaster!


Currently continuing with work, and my partner is the same. I’m in supply, she works with vulnerable adults due to schools shutting. The only worry is childcare; we have good family around us so can plan but concerns on friends who are in uk with no close family or family not living close by. Schools hopefully (due to our work) may secure places for my boys to carry on. 

The food stockpiling crisis so to speak is funny as we always have a month’s supply in as we buy in bulk due to it working out cheaper. 

Other than that, eat well, drink water, keep clean, and wash your hands!

Times may be uncertain right now, but it’s clear that Doncaster’s sense of community hasn’t wavered. 

We WILL get through this together!

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