Celebrating Chinwe Russell’s latest project – ‘Art as a Response to Mental Health’

Chinwe Russell moved to Doncaster only a few years ago, but during this short time she has single handedly supported the work of hundreds of local visual artists, by hosting exhibitions, launching studio projects, and she is also the founder of Doncaster Visual Arts Fair,  held four times a year at Doncaster Market place. Chinwe has also built impressive links with the business community, who in return then support the work of local creatives. 

Doncaster Art Fair helps raise the profile of local artists, sometimes giving new artists the first step on the ladder to showcasing their work in the town. The fair is always well attended by members of the public, with a great selection of artists and designers showing work at each event; Chinwe is creating a brilliant opportunity for Doncaster people to sell and buy original art. 

During Lockdown Chinwe received a grant from Doncaster Council, and from this, her latest project was born.

‘Art As A Response to Mental Health’ will see artists from across 40 countries competing in this prize, conceived and run from our very own town of Doncaster. Members of the public are currently being asked to vote on their favourite piece of art; when this has been narrowed down to the top thirty, a panel of judges will select the top three winners. 

This exhibition puts Doncaster on the international visual arts map. During this period, over 12,000 people from around the globe visited Chinwe’s website, which you can visit here.

Chinwe Russell comments, 

“I have worked really hard over the past several weeks to make this first stage happen during the lockdown period. Many people suffer mental health challenges and use art as a way to cope with this; the exhibition is a way to give them some focus at this time.

I am incredibly grateful to Doncaster Council for their support in this project and I now invite you to take some time to explore some of the images and to cast your vote . I will also really appreciate it if you could spread the word in your networks and invite people to vote”.

Voting closes at the end of June, so make sure to check out all the entries and vote for your favourite before then!

Artwork by Chinwe Russell

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