Olivia Jones’ Speech at Black Lives Matter Doncaster 07.06.2020

Hi, my name is Olivia Jones. I’m one of the organisers of today’s peaceful protest.

I’m not going to speak for long, I just want to thank everyone for coming today, wearing your masks, making your signs, being present and being politically active. Please remember to stick to the social distancing guidelines! I cannot stress to you how important it is, not just for your safety but for the safety of our message. Don’t let them take away this moment because they ‘knew we wouldn’t keep safe’. Don’t allow them the satisfaction of distracting from our pain. We deserve to be heard.

Doncaster has such a beautifully diverse community that deserves to speak, it deserves to be seen. I’ve lived here for nearly a decade and I’ve fallen in love with the town. I would fight tooth and nail for it because I know what it can do & I know what it can be. 

Today Doncaster makes a stand against the systematic oppression and violence against black people in this country & all over the world. It makes a stand against the treatment of black bodies by our police forces, our governments & our civilians. It makes a stand against gaslighting black people into believing that their struggles are non existent or not as important as others. It makes a stand against an innocent black woman being spat at whilst at work and dying of COVID-19, yet her attacker still remains at large and her family have received no justice. It makes a stand against a nation that is more offended by a black woman being in the royal family than a peadophile being in it.

Our organisers wanted to create a safe space for different members of different sections of the black community to speak their truths today. It’s time to give them a platform and it’s time to listen to what they have to say. We, as a community, have the opportunity to uplift them and protect them as we offer our solidarity.

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