The Jazz Café – There’s a new cafe in town

The Jazz Café opened its doors, on Printing Office Street, during a pandemic that has seen Doncaster’s town centre slow from a usually vibrant noisy bustle to a more subdued volume. Ross, who is one half of the daring duo behind the counter said: ‘The high street is still very quiet and still very slow. We think the high street will come back, but it might take a bit longer as people seem worried about what to do, and they think I have waited this long another few weeks won’t hurt’. The Doncaster based couple had planned to open in April, but like so many of our local proprietors they had their business plans halted by Covid 19. ‘We have had the idea since September 2019 and started putting the wheels in motion from that point onwards. We took the keys and were planning a small refurb. Covid 19 then stopped our plans, so we went a bit further with the refurb and opened as soon as we were allowed’, Ross explained. Of the cafe’s carefully crafted look and feel he said: ‘The café has a chilled vibe, with jazz music playing in the background. The décor is an eclectic mix of both jazz and Doncaster memorabilia, with a few more personal pieces from our travels mixed in. We have a stage, a bar, an outside dining area, and a deli’. The pair’s passion for music has been the energy behind its theme, coupled with their experience gained working and living down south. Ross said: ‘We are passionate about music, all music in fact and we love jazz. Jazz in London is massive.’ He plans to quickly book in some of our local talent for that stage and has been working with Doncaster’s Youth Jazz Association to make this a reality, also adding: ‘We wanted to bring something different to this area, for the locals here’. Live music events with one-off menus and hosting local talent with a lean towards jazz, blues, or R&B in an intimate setting, will be a focus once Covid’s apron strings have eased.  Customer service is also central to the team’s plan for this new business, they want their customers to have the best experience from the moment they walk in those newly painted doors, until the moment they leave. Food-wise they have their classics such as; whipped cream topped and sprinkled milkshakes and customisable burgers. Their signature dishes include The Jazz Breakfast, consisting of; lean bacon, butchers sausages, Yorkshire black pudding, mushrooms, hash brown, beans and a choice of scrambled, poached or fried eggs, served with toast & butter.  Their vegan rainbow salad is another; a superfood salad with slaw, hummus, seeds, couscous, peppers, onions, and tomatoes, served with a French style dressing. In addition to their vegan options there are gluten free and vegetarian choices labelled up on their menu. Gluten free options are available for their stone baked flatbread pizzas, made with tomato puree, cheese and a choice of toppings. A mission to use local produce is in swing, daily and evening specials are available and menus are reviewed seasonally. Drink-wise you can enjoy a bit of fizz with your flatbread while the music chimes on. Ross said: ‘we are a licensed bar with a great selection of gins, beers and ales. We have wines, cocktails and Fizz Friday; when a bottle of prosecco is £10.00 after 5pm.’ ‘It’s a café for anyone that enjoys good food and drink, with music’. thumbnail_image3 Shop address: 5-7 Printing Office Street, DN1 1TJ Website:  Phone: 01302 326444
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