Amy Frost #TheDoncasterEffect

Amy Frost is a creative fine art graduate, who recently completed here BA Bath University. Here she talks about life in Doncaster during Lockdown.

“I’m Gonna Take each Day as it comes and be happy.  I can’t remember when this photo was taken exactly but I know it was in between studies. I can remember trying to get more involved in the community and trying to bring more of the arts to Doncaster. I’d managed to get a small studio, had work experience at a hospice which is where I met Rachel who introduced me to Doncopolitan and we set up the Culture Crawl. Warren took my photograph. Lockdown has been tough in terms of work, as I had just left my teaching course due to my disability (I have epilepsy) this all happened a few weeks before we went into lockdown and so getting a job has been crazy hard! I still don’t have one. 

Family however has been great, getting to be with my partner everyday as I’m not working and he is working at home, has been amazing. And I’ve seen my family and friends actually more than before over video chat, it’s helped me realise what and who is important. I like living in Doncaster, however compared to some cities the job prospects seem quite limited, however things seem to be improving! 

I don’t really have plans for the future, as I’ve tried to plan stuff out so much until recently and when it’s not worked out, it’s been heartbreaking, so I’m just gonna take each day as it comes and be happy”.

Talented Amy Frost.

About the Doncaster Effect 

Over 2019 Doncopolitan Founder Warren Draper was commissioned by Doncaster Council to create a photography archive of Doncaster’s residents. The aim of this project was to produce an important record of individuals that are redefining life in the town.

Over the years, we’ve heard Doncaster be called a “prison for the employed“, “cultural desert” and “basket case of the north“. National news can often present Doncaster and Northern towns as backwards, poor and racist. Over the years, working closely with residents and local people, we’ve seen a counter narrative to this; stories often not covered by the national news. People striving to create art, opening and running successful businesses, becoming social media influencers and leading activists, are pursuing national, important campaigns. This archive is an important record of 50 local people and their lives in Doncaster right now.

Our plan was to exhibit this archive in September 2020 to bring together all the participants in a mammoth gathering of Doncaster trail blazers. Sadly, due to Covid-19, the project has had to be re-invented. We’ll be archiving the project online for 2020, but we hope we can exhibit the project somewhere in 2021.

The title “The Doncaster Effect” came about via the Guardian Journalist John Harris, who wrote in the acclaimed publication the Idler MagazineIf you want to understand modern Britain today, Doncaster is a pretty good place to start”.

We’d like to thank Doncaster Council and Arts Council England for funding this project and for all the participants for giving up their time to take part.

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