Children of the State – Hot Money Review

Children of the State band members standing in a line

Rob Johnson reviews the latest track Hot Money from local musicians Children of the State.

As endorsements go, the backing of Coral frontman and all-round musical legend Ian Skelly is a pretty strong seal of approval. Coming straight out of Manchester (via Doncaster – the band used to rehearse at Donco HQ, no less), indie noise-makers Children of the State have burst onto the scene with their bombastic new single Hot Money. The band, made up of John McCullagh, Nathan Keeble, Corey Clifton, Conor O’Reilly and Harry Eland, produce a delicious blend of ‘70s glam rock, ‘60s nostalgia and good old fashioned northern grit.

Latest track Hot Money – a sultry sleazefest which sounds like Queens of the Stone Age being dragged through muddy puddles on a soaking, South Yorkshire Sunday afternoon – is both indebted to the Coral and inspired by them, and yet still sounds like a band striking out on their own. There is also a welcome tinge of fellow northern heroes the Blinders, something that only confirms that Doncaster is in the middle of a beautiful musical renaissance right now; a sentence that I never, ever thought I would write only a few short years ago.

It is probably no coincidence that a band raised in the unforgiving grip of the austerity era have produced a track that stands as an observation on greed and hyper-capitalism. The spoken word bridge that sees a disconnected German voice rambling about the concept of ‘cash as the science of the entire world’ evokes both Berlin era Bowie and the more political moments that have seen bands such as Fat White Family and Idles dominate the indie music landscape over the last five years. As with Blinders, Children of the State are perfectly placed to thrust themselves upon this burgeoning scene and add a welcome working class voice to a musical landscape often criticised for being too middle class, too public school.

Having said that, music isn’t all about class. Eating at Cooplands doesn’t guarantee you a five star album. Wearing hand me down school uniforms doesn’t make you a better songwriter (although it doesn’t hurt). You need the style and the swagger sure, but you also need the musical chops to back it up. You need to offer something different. Something inspiring, but also something that will make people wanna dance. If Hot Money is anything to go by, these lads have the potential to tick all the boxes.

Add Hot Money to your playlists, watch the psychedelic animated video, keep buying records, keep buying gig tickets, and hopefully there will still be a music scene for Children of the State to return to when everything returns to some semblance of normality.

Follow Children of the State here

Listen to Hot Money here and their full album here

Watch Hot Money’s music video here.

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