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Doncopolitan co-founder Warren Draper takes a look at an important and timely new writing project from the amazing Michéle Beck.

These are stressful times. Grief, the isolation of lockdown, worrying about the health of loved ones, insecurity at work, money troubles, dramatic changes to routines we once took for granted; for many of us, these have been our constant companions for far too long. At Doncopolitan’s sister project, Bentley Urban Farm, we’ve seen a rise in people who visit just to connect with nature and spend some much-needed time away from the rigours of everyday life during a pandemic. And as we emerge from the crisis we will see even more people looking for help with their physical and mental well-being.

In truth, our society had problems with stress and anxiety long before the pandemic. This is partly to do with the suppression of our innate creative urges. We are naturally very creative beings, but we don’t always give ourselves the time or opportunity to create. The work/life balance can be very hard indeed, and things like arts, crafts and music can often take a back seat. But when we do make time for creativity we are instantly rewarded with feelings of accomplishment, joy and the sense that time itself is moving in a different way. Yes, it may take time before we’re confident or adept enough to share what we do with the wider world, but the positive benefits come as soon as we start whichever creative act we have chosen to pursue, be that art, music, performance, photography or indeed writing.

Local writer and poet, Michéle Beck, has created a free online and social media forum called Writing for Wellness with creativity and well-being in mind. Michéle has been working with community groups for the last four years, using creative writing and poetry as the foundation of her therapeutic practices. Working with initiatives like The People Focused Group (PFG) and Aspire’s New Beginnings, Michéle has used writing and poetry to help numerous people find their way through a variety of challenges. Glyn Butcher, an advocate and PFG member says “Michele provides an environment to write in that is therapeutic and enables the conditions for growth and positivity. When I leave after the creative writing session my mood is always lifted, I feel lighter, emotional and ready to face the world.”

Michéle (centre) working at PFG Doncaster

Writing for Wellness takes things a step further by allowing people to freely access her valuable services online and through social media. It gives you the opportunity to benefit from Michéle’s work from your own home. Michéle understands the current mental health and well-being crisis and has created a digital version of her work to help as many people as possible. Writing for Wellness has something for everyone. As Michéle says:

Writing for Wellness is a gateway to self-discovery, self-reflection, and self-healing. Every individual can feel the benefits of Writing for Wellness.

So if you’re feeling a little out of sorts, why not give it a go? You have nothing to lose and possibly a new artistic skill to gain. As Michéle also says:

Writing for Wellness is as simple as writing yourself well.

Visit Michéle’s website at writingforwellness.co.uk or click on the social media links below:





And to donate to this amazing project visit writingforwellnessWFWdonate

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