The Mighty Mother Hookers

Looking for something to get your hooks into on a Thursday evening? Well look for your hooks no further! Doncopolitan pays a visit to the Mother Hookers…

The Mother Hookers Crochet Social Group started in June 2019 after founding members Katy and Bea met in early 2018 through a mutual love of crochet and anything yarny. Unable to find the perfect social group for their needs, they started their own.


Mother Hookers provide a modern twist on the traditional knit & natter group. Firstly, it ain’t knitting. I did make the mistake of bringing up the ‘k’ word, but was gently reminded of the difference. Not that they’re anti-knit, they do love all things yarny after all, but crochet is what this group do. And they do it very well.

You may have already seen their work around town. They have exhibited at the Art Bomb arts festival and ‘Yarn Bombed’ outside the minster as part of the Doncopolitan Crawl.

They’ve also contributed to some wonderful initiatives which help a diverse range of vulnerable people. From blankets for the homeless to hats for new-born babies. They’ve crocheted hearts for Covid patients and made items which they sell on Etsy to raise money for the Doncaster Eve’s Trust, an amazing charity who help create a dream, or grant a wish, for patients & families impacted by terminal & serious cancer conditions. 

Future projects include making a poppy display for Remembrance Sunday…

…and creating loads of ‘granny squares’ which will be used to build a Christmas tree for the Wool Market.

Doncaster Wool Market is one of the venues where the Mother Hookers’ currently meet, every other Thursday from 6:30pm until 9pm.

They also meet every other Monday, 6:30pm until 9pm at Coffee at Flora’s in Balby.

Entrance fee is a voluntary donation, they recommend no more than £2. Which I have to say is a total bargain for the amount of entertainment you get. The evening isn’t just about crocheting, there’s food, a good chin-wag and a whole lot of laughter.

There is, of course, plenty of talent. One of their members, Holly Woodward, recently featured in Crochet magazine. But it doesn’t matter if you’ve never crocheted in your life before, the Mother Hookers’ will welcome you with open arms and you’ll be crocheting like a pro in no time.

For more information about Mother Hookers meet ups visit their Facebook page.

Photography: Whisper & Roar

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