My ideal order from the menu of life…

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My ideal order from the menu of life.

Most people will be surprised to find out that my life goal didn’t include a career flip into active addiction, as I was actually a very successful addict I reached the depths of despair rapidly, isolated, and alone wondering down a trainspotting spoof that was not all funny.

I always thought the pain and trauma in my childhood would make me somehow rock and roll, a mystery, an enigma, an unsolvable puzzle, the reality was the only person struggling to solve myself was ME. From a young age I knew I didn’t fit, I felt different, I wanted to be anybody but me. Claudia, from babysitter’s club, I read the books, I desperately wanted to be her, I used the books and my imagination to escape through her a fictional character. My lack of identification with people escalated, on the outside I was confident, gregarious, and full of life, so my mask led me down a path where validation from other people and pleasing them became how I connected. THEN I found a fast conductor of connection alcohol and drugs, wow this was great I had a persona an identity a reason, I was the fun time girl I was ‘cool’ all my insecurities gone the beats of the music bound me to those around and in those moments, we were one

Daytime always has a partner that is so much darker.

This spiritual mental, physical disease took hold of me over the years. That was driven by a compulsion to the change the way I feel, which always resulted in an almighty shit show of guilt and shame and hatred of who I was. The most socially unacceptable, unexplainable way to be for someone who just desired to belong.

When I grow up, I want to be an addict. Is not a phrase you ever hear, say or think? You don’t find addiction, addiction finds you.

I felt flawed, broken and alone I just couldn’t understand why I was continuing to cause myself, my family and those around me such pain. I wasn’t being the loving kind parent I was born to be, the disease had a real grip of me.

Seeking help from doctors and psychiatrists to be given a list of letters, BPD, PTSD with no solution. It wasn’t until a fellow addict suggested to me that I could find help from a 12-step fellowship I gave it go. I belonged here, I had purpose I could begin to unravel my behaviours in a way that made sense to me, I replaced my reliance on substance with a reliance on a higher power and the universe.

I discovered my people my tribe. My name is Ruth and I’m an addict.

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