8 Independent Businesses to do Veganuary with in Doncaster

A new year has rolled around bringing with it another chance to take part in ‘Veganuary’- or as i like to call it Second Christmas. Every January Vegans, Meat reducers or health conscious people give up all animal products for the entirety of the month. The tradition has gained global traction over the years and has caught the attention of huge companies such as KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, Sainsburys, Asda, Tesco and many, many more. Not all vegans, however, want to support big companies or give them their money; so we’ve compiled this list of local independent businesses to go vegan with this Veganuary!

  1. Glass Strawberry (Printing Office Street, Doncaster Town Centre)

An almost infamous brunch spot now, the Glass Strawberry offers a range of amazing dishes suited to anyone’s preferences even down to the drinks. It’s the ideal location to spend a few hours catching up with a friend or to grab a bite before/after meandering around town. (See pictured The Glass Strawberry’s Buddha Bowl, fully plant based and freshly made, no two are the same!)

Our Favourite Dish: A staple classic of the great british menu, the Vegan Breakfast (Full English) is a cruelty free home comfort.

  1. Bone Idle Lounge (Silver Street, Doncaster Town Centre)

Opening at the back end of 2021, Bone Idle is a cosy slice of heaven tucked away on a busy Silver Street. With vegan bar snacks, ethically sourced coffee beans and plant mylk in every drink- unless requested otherwise- it’s the perfect place to work remotely or while away a cold January afternoon. 

Our favourite dish: Not technically a dish we can’t talk about Bone Idle Lounge without mentioning the particular USP (unique selling point), their CBD sparkling drinks. A refreshing cannabinoid (totally legal of course as it contains no THC) that is both delicious and surprisingly calming. 

  1. Brix (Station Retail Park, Kirk Sandall)

Famous for bringing the ‘Cronut’ to Doncaster, Brix has also brought one hell of an aesthetic with it. If Instagram is your jam, the huge pink neon sign with the perfectly presented food will make your heart sing. You can even support local produce farmers who bring their 

Our favourite dish: We tried the vegan burrito when it came to Brix as part of their Street Food series (Offering new cuisines from around the world for limited times only) and it was insane. So excited to see what else they come up with.

  1. Dreambakes (Priory Walk, Doncaster Town Centre)

The Go To for cafe vegans in the town centre. Family run Dreambakes offers a huge selection of vegan treats from sweet to savoury and anything in between. It’s almost impossible to leave without grabbing a slice of vegan traybake to perfectly finish off your lunch but we dare you to try.

Our favourite dish: The spinach and chickpea is an absolute gem but an honourable mention is the 

  1. Herbivore (Online only, Town Centre)

If you’re in the mood for a takeaway then look no further than Herbivore. With huge portions, tonnes of flavour and even the option for a nostalgic school dessert; Herbivore will meet all your vegan needs. Herbivore opened last year and is run by the same minds that have brought you The Olde Castle and The Library. Available on JustEat, Deliveroo and UberEats.

Our favourite dish: The Vegan Kebab is a regular order of ours. Loads of vegan kebab meat, plenty of chilli sauce and a healthy portion of thick cut chips.

  1. Suburb (Balby Road, Balby)

The owners of Suburb’s philosophy focuses on allowing you to create your own artisanal pizza, burgers and salads. Giving you lots of options whilst using high quality ingredients.  Whether you’re eating in or ordering at home, Suburb gives you what you want exactly how you want it. Available on JustEat.

Our Favourite Dish: The Vegan pizza is banging. That’s it. That’s all we need to say.

  1. The Salutation (South Parade, Doncaster Town Centre)

We’ve sung the praises of The Thai at The Salutation many times before and today is no different. If you’re going for dinner with a group but want to ensure that you can eat vegan, just ask for the special menu that has all of the vegan and vegetarian dishes on it. The staff are always more than accommodating.

Our Favourite Dish: The Mushroom Pad Krapow with rice is not to be missed. Filling, full of flavour and a bit of a kick; you’ll be thinking about it for days after.

  1. Pizza Rooms (Village Street, Adwick Le Street)

Operating out of The Foresters Arms in Adwick Le Street, Pizza Rooms offers the ‘best vegan friendly stone baked pizza’ Pizza Rooms. Ever accommodating, you can choose to sit in with family, pick up on your way home or take advantage of the great offers by having your pizza delivered.

Our Favourite Dish: Director and Co-Founder of Doncopolitan Warren Draper recommends The Vegan Garlic Mushroom Pizza –  “The roux which replaces the usual tomato-based sauce is light, fresh and satisfying. A Friday favourite.”

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