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Omole Musah-Eroje: 2021 at Half the Creative

The first biggest thing that happened for me in 2021 was my company’s rebrand. I used to be called Far East Favourites, because I sold art inspired by Far East Asian cultures. It was an amazing journey, but selling my art was proving to be difficult in the pandemic. I knew I had to try something new.

All my recent opportunities have risen from the local area: I used to volunteer at Site Gallery in Sheffield, and they helped me find my first teaching gig. That’s when it all kicked off for me.

Fast forward several months and I’m now teaching art classes on a freelance basis at The University of Leeds. What makes this experience unique, is that it’s completely online. 

Teaching art online may be daunting for some, but being a complete tech wiz, for me, it was a dream come true. I took a lot of inspiration from the gamer/streamer community – I remember using a dual camera setup to stream my classes. I ended up teaching my online classes in a very non traditional way, using futuristic backgrounds and camera transitions, coloured lights and music.

And thus, Half the Creative was born! Out of the ashes, my new arts tutoring venture has come forth, and I’m loving it. My friend once told me, “Omole, I wish I had half your creativity.” That’s how I got my new name.

The second biggest deal that happened in 2021, is discovering all the new art galleries, and the under-the-radar art scene in Doncaster. We’re known as a big ol’ mining town in the North, who’d have thought?

I recall Natasha Clarke’s opening night at the Gallery Gate on Scot Lane. I guess that’s where I first met everybody. They were all so friendly, and each so eager to view my own work.

As a result of this very informal networking, I have many exciting ventures coming up in the new year, involving teaching at the new galleries in Doncaster, and even exhibiting my art! Thank you all, and stay tuned.

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