What Fitness Means To Me

Emma Gullon at an aerial fitness class

At the age of sixteen (2011), I started having trouble with my weight, more specifically keeping it on. I was eating like a horse so it made no sense! With that began weeks of hospital appointments and blood tests to figure out what was going on. Over time, it was decided that it was anxiety related and the high metabolism that comes with it. But from then on, my relationship with my body, mind and fitness changed.

2019 – 2021 was a difficult time as well; my long term relationship imploding, family issues, a global pandemic and losing my grandma at the end of last year began to take its toll in every sense. I needed something to help me find ‘Me’ again. 

After the first lockdown, I saw that my local gym did free classes. One in particular caught my eye – Zumba. I’m always dancing around my house so I thought “why not in a gym studio?”. I fell in love with it instantly, and now I sometimes do it four times a week.

My love for Zumba then inspired me to try Body Attack and Stretch Tone Relax… I’ve even recently taken up Aerial Hoop. There’s something about a room full of people and an instructor pushing and inspiring you to achieve something more each session that makes you more confident – my family and boyfriend of almost two years have all mentioned that they have noticed a difference in me both mentally AND physically!

I’ve approached some people in Donny’s fitness community (who just so happened to get me into fitness too!) to ask What Fitness Means To Them. Here’s what they had to say:

Lisa Little – Doncaster Nuffield Health

Fitness is a very important aspect of my life. It helps both my physical and mental wellbeing. Running helped me through a difficult time in 2008 when I went through a divorce; then in 2012 I was persuaded to go to a Body Attack class and since then I haven’t looked back.

I now enjoy Les Mills classes both as a participant and as an instructor. I have met many friends through fitness, I met my fiance in Body Attack and as an instructor I am now privileged to be part of other people’s fitness journeys

My only regret is that I didn’t find Les Mills sooner so I could have enjoyed it longer!

Sophie Tye – SBT Fitness and Dance

Fitness for me is not just for a healthy lifestyle that can change the way you look but it’s for the positive and feel good mindset, attitude and mood.

It’s when you are on the final push of your workout with your heart racing feeling like you can’t go on but you do and the reward abs buzz you get when you have completed it.

You can call it your hobby or fortunately for me a career.

I have watched many people change their life’s and these people form a wonderful community which I am now lucky enough to call life long friends.

Fitness is somewhere you can turn off for an hour of your day and focus on yourself

Fitness is a place to feel proud and achieve goals you never thought you could!

Keri Leanne Mccreight – Sunflower Skies 

Fitness has changed my outlook on a lot of things.

I’m feeling better physically and mentally, and love setting goals to achieve and push myself.

I used to avoid fitness whilst growing up, make excuses not to join in classes, gyms etc and finally found things I actually enjoyed, such as; Aerial Hoop, Pole, Dance and Yoga.

I started setting goals, achieving moves I never thought I could, and this motivated me even more.

I’m currently in my happiest state of mind & healthiest weight I’ve ever been and I’ve achieved that by pushing myself and changing my lifestyle. I even chose to study to be an instructor in Aerial hoop so I’m going to make being happy and teach people my full time job one day soon!

Now you don’t have to salsa, plank or dangle upside down on a metal hoop to be fit!

Even simply meeting a friend for a walk or taking the dog to the park can boost your mood. Just taking the time to look after your physical well-being will boost your mental state too. 

And trust me – It’s worth it.

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