The Queerest Folk

Donny Warehouse hosts a new monthly queer night and no one saw it coming…

Words: Bipolar Abdul
Images: Warren Draper/Rachel Horne

RIP Hallcross (2014-2018). Losing something is always difficult. A total emotional shake up, leaving you drained and scared. Recently, as you all know, we locked up the Hallcross for the last time. Doncaster changed that day. For some, it was a safe place: home. We were family, you were family. I loved meeting each and every one of you. The memories we created there were perfect, even though the building was not. We will be forever thankful for the support each of you gave; embracing the freezing temperatures to see the shows and shout the house down. You told us we looked gorgeous, week in, week out. So now we’re in a bit of a bind, right? We’ve lost our venue. Some even fear that we’ve lost the scene altogether. That’s right, Toto, we’re not in Kansas any more.

Former venue owners Adam Lambert and Callum Jackson in the famous Hallcross staff toilet.

But together, as a fierce community, we can overcome this minor bump in Donny’s vibrant LGBT+ scene. I, for one, will put my entire self into it, but I desperately need all of y’alls help. I’m going to create our very own movement — completely queer and free. Club night, platform, party, safe space; whatever we need and whatever you want to call it. It belongs to us. Message me, email me. Fek it, shout me in the street. Get involved however you can. If you’ve ever fancied a go at drag, message me. This is your time. Show me what you’ve got, I’m dying to see it.

On June 29th, we’re kicking it all off. I personally want to invite you to our new club night. ZE HAUS and Doncaster Warehouse are working in collaboration to create an aggressively amazing night, where everyone is welcome. From 8pm until the smallest of hours, we will be bringing that house down, gurl. Performances of all creeds, drinks, dancing, love and acceptance — all in the most bangin’ of venues.

I just wanted to write this to let you know I’m thinking of you, and to say that there are behind the scenes efforts already happening to get us the night we deserve. A huge celebration every month of simply being who we are without fear. Only Judy can judge us, henny.

I’m right excited about seeing you all. It’s already been too long. Things are going to get well sickening. @bipolar.abdul.drag (insta) bipolar.abdul@gmail.com The FLUID/ITY launch party takes place on 29th June at Doncaster Warehouse, 27 North Bridge Road, Doncaster DN5 9AD.

Cutting Edge Media Hub is Confirmed At High Melton Campus

Thursday 10th May 2018, Doncaster – Doncaster College has today confirmed a ground-breaking future for its former High Melton Campus, as it announces the purchase of the site by 360 Degrees Media, an innovative media company.

The purchase will lead to the creation of an international film and television studio and The VFX* Academy, which will help to address the current skills shortfall in the industry of 10,000 people.  These new facilities at High Melton will increase studio capacity across the UK by nine per cent and address the sector skills shortage by up to a third. By launching a VFX offering at High Melton, film producers will be able to create their films end-to-end on site, simplifying schedules and reducing production costs. The model is designed to attract a wide range of UK and US film and TV productions and establish Doncaster as a leading hub for media production.

Doncaster College and 360 Degrees Media will establish The VFX Academy, an innovative educational collaboration, that gives the college exclusive access and use of the facilities to train students in a variety of associated disciplines, gaining skills and experience that will drive pathways to employment across the industry.  Ultimately training up to 750 students annually, The VFX Academy will become one of the largest creative centres in the country, leading participants into employment opportunities locally or in the wider industry.
Andy Tuscher, DN Colleges Group Chair of Governors commented, “We are thrilled that 360 Degrees Media is investing to bring this innovative and creative industry to our doorstep.  As well as directly benefiting our communities through local investment and employment, our collaboration brings an exciting range of choice for students planning a career in the media industry.  We will also see wider investment across the College, as funds generated by the sale of the campus will support our reinvestment across the College, benefitting all our students.”
Anne Tyrrell, CEO of DN Colleges Group continues, “We are tremendously excited about the impact this investment and collaboration will bring to our students both locally and regionally.  This is a truly transformational opportunity, enabling us to deliver a dynamic and inspirational creative media curriculum while putting Doncaster at the heart of the UK’s media sector, directly contributing to a strong and prosperous economic future for our region.”
Alistair Maclean-Clark, CEO at 360 Degrees Media, confirms, “The UK film and TV production sector has seen record inward investment in recent years and going forward, Doncaster will be at the centre of this growing industry with huge future potential.  This unique collaboration with Doncaster College and the region itself, will also ensure that this growth is boosted by state of the art production facilities and a strong supply of skilled individuals. It is intended that High Melton will become a creative hub for the industry whilst also attracting production companies and film-makers to base themselves within the creative ecosystem on site.”
The purchase and development of the site are supported by Doncaster Council, Doncaster Chamber of Commerce and the Sheffield City Region LEP.
Cllr Bill Mordue, Cabinet Member for Business, Skills and Economic Development for Doncaster Council said: “It is fantastic news for Doncaster that the College’s High Melton site will become the new home to this international film and TV studio.  We have been happy to support the College in bringing this to Doncaster. This will not only create jobs and growth for Doncaster’s economy but also encourage more young people to pursue a career in the Film and TV industry.
“During 2017, £1.6 billion was spent on the UK TV and Film projects, this shows that this is a thriving industry. We are ambitious for Doncaster and fully support the creation of this new site in Doncaster that will create more than 1,000 jobs for the borough.”
Dan Fell, CEO of Doncaster Chamber of Commerce, welcomed this development and confirmed its significance for the borough, “This is yet another game changing project for Doncaster.  The investment from 360 Degrees Media will change the complexion of the Doncaster economy, facilitate economic growth and create local jobs.  Crucially, the scheme will support the diversification of Doncaster’s economy adding more strings to the borough’s bow alongside established sectors such as rail, leisure, construction and logistics.  This, in turn, will make the economy more resilient but it will also make the borough a more compelling destination for inward investors, entrepreneurs, skilled workers and international students.
“The Chamber looks forward to working closely with local partners to making this project a huge success, particularly in relation to ensuring that the investment creates significant opportunities for Doncaster’s existing SMEs.  We congratulate 360 Degrees Media on the ambition of the project and also Doncaster College on facilitating this game changing project.”
Further information about the purchase of this site, including timings around the transfer of ownership, will be confirmed in the near future when detailed terms of agreement have been finalised.

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Note to Editors:
*VFX refers to the art of using visual effects to enhance live action filming.
The College advisors on the sale of the site are GVA Grimley, City Point, 29 King Street, Leeds, LS1 2HL
For further information, please contact:
Doncaster College – Amy Gethin Tel:  01302 558274
Doncaster College and University Centre is a large provider of further education in South Yorkshire and one of the largest providers of higher education in the region.  We offer a wide range of further education courses, both vocational and academic, apprenticeships and progression routes into Higher Education.  Doncaster College is an operating division of DN Colleges Group, a Further Education Corporation.
360 Degrees Media – Alistair Maclean-Clark Tel: 07714 719787
360 Degrees Media is a specialist media and educational finance and advisory company. Our innovative business model combines market led media businesses with educational solutions that aim to resolve structure skills shortages.

Clam & Cork, Brand New Sea Bar At Doncaster Market

Rachel Horne talks to local food hero Michael Price about his latest venture a sea food bar and restaurant at the heart of Doncaster Market.  

Considering all the controversy around the previous owner of this market pitch, it’s a pretty brave move taking this venture on. What made you go for it?
Well, that was sort of the impetus. As you know I’m very proud of Doncaster and especially the market, so when the story broke I was devastated. There are massive positive changes happening at the market, and such a bad story really set back all the good work lots of people are doing. I thought that I could bring a bit of positivity back.
You’re known in some circles as Doncaster’s number one food hero… How did you earn that crown? Sorry if it sounds cringy…
I wouldn’t say that, I certainly don’t consider myself that. I’m fairly well known because I love people and love meeting interesting people. Most chef’s are quite insular, that’s why they hide in the kitchen. I think it’s fair to say that
I was the first person to bring a more modern, international style of food to Doncaster. That’s still not common, plus I was the first with new technology like cooking sous-vide, something I started experimenting with 15 or so years ago when it wasn’t mainstream.
What’s cooking sous-vide?
Things are vacuum packed in bags using a commercial chamber sealer, then dropped into a very accurate water bath so the cooking can be controlled to .1 of a degree. It’s in common usage now, but unheard of outside Michelin starred kitchens a decade plus ago. Initially
I had to buy the water baths from laboratory supply companies.
It’s like food is an art and a science for you?
I like to think of it as a craft, personally. I don’t consider myself an artist, I’ve always been interested in science as well. I don’t like to make distinctions between creative people. I love food but also, literature, music, architecture, fine art, design etc. I take influence from all of these things. I’m a cook
but also a creator. I know a guy who bakes absolutely incredible bread and is obsessed with cooking, but he’s a hairdresser — our bread is made by Mark, who’s a school teacher. Creative people just have to create things!
Bay Tree, I buy his bread! – recently bought a bag of Hot Cross Buns from Scicluna Deli. I’ve not stopped talking about them. This issue of Doncopolitan is dedicated to the Slow Movement — which is essentially about bringing artisan culture into our everyday
life. We’re pitching for Doncaster to become a Slow Town, despite the high number of fast food outlets we have, we wanna turn things around. You’re also passionate about Slow Food, how can people adapt slow values to their homes and kitchens without it breaking the bank?
Slow Food is such a fantastic subject. It’s something very close to my heart and always has been ever since my childhood (before the term was coined). The buzz word in food at the moment is sustainability. This addresses one of the key points of slow food. When I was a kid my dad would roast a chicken on Sunday and we’d have a big family dinner. On Monday he’d get some of his own leeks and potatoes, make a stock from the carcass and we’d all sit around eating lovely chicken and leek soup. It was a wonderful thing, he used everything, he took his time, grew the veg, raised chickens, took his time making the stock for the base. It was magical, food should be magical, not something you get out of a packet and throw in a microwave. I wouldn’t even call it food, it’s fuel that’s all. No love has gone into it! The easiest way is turn off the TV, get rid of the iPads and phones and say we are going to cook and eat a meal together
This month you’re opening Clam & Cork at the Fish Market, what should Doncasterians expect from this new venture? And what are your thoughts on the new developments at the market?
Yes, hopefully this month! Well it’s a seafood bar that has a licence. We will be open Tuesday through to Saturday. The food will be simple using great ingredients. As people may know I travel a great deal researching food, and I go to many markets. It’s very rare to find something like this in the U.K. There are a few in London but they aren’t accessible to many people because
of the price. Seafood isn’t cheap, the profit you make is very small compared to vegetables or even meat but we will offer value for money. No fast food, slow food but around the price of Wagamama, Nando’s etc. The response from the people of Doncaster has been so positive. I posted a picture of a logo on social media and we had 1,000 likes in under 24 hours — I see this as a great way to kick-start what’s happening in the Wool Market. Something I’m really excited about!
Check out Clam & Cork HERE

Learn Create Sell, A Free Course To Get Creative

An amazing opportunity to get creative at DoncoHQ and take part in a FREE course with the guys from Create, Make Sell.
There’s still places available but places are limited. 

Learn Create Sell is a course designed to help people understand more about marketing, and the many steps on creating and designing a product. There will be activities each week which will all be part of creating your desired product, as well as having group talks and discussions on your current progress.

Here are a few products that have already been made by people from the course, as you can see the products don’t have to be the same, as well as your able to add design to varies different objects such as glass and paper. With the help from the Learn Create and Sell team, you will be creating your unique product that will include custom designs, an analysis for the marketing of the chosen product, and multiple copies of the product since you can alter your designs, and see what appears better or even keep multiple designs.


If you’re interested sign up HERE.
To see designs on their website click HERE.

Delicious Doncaster, Something For Every Taste.

Delicious Doncaster is back again this month, bringing you the amazing food and drink festival we all love. With Delicious Doncaster only being a few days away, you can see here some of the events that will be happening…

Different foods and drinks will be flooding Doncaster within this four day event.
In just a few days, Delicious Doncaster will be bringing all kinds of different foods and drinks to us as well as lots of cool and interesting events. The Hairy Bikers as well as returning celebrity Jean-Christophe Novelli, will be there to give demonstrations on different foods and recipes. For Delicious Doncaster the stalls will centre around the Market Square area and will spread out to the surrounding areas so that the heart of the event is within the market.
The Hairy Bikers

Coming this Saturday, the Hairy Bikers (David Myers and Simon “Si” King) will be at the Market Square, cooking their favourite foods and recipes with ingredients bought at Doncaster’s very own market. These amazing food celebrities will also be taking a walk around Doncaster’s Market to see the different foods and meet fans. Both these food lovers will be doing their demonstrations on Saturday at 12:30pm and 3:00pm.
Jean-Christophe Novelli

Jean-Christophe Novelli, an award winning chef is coming back to Delicious Doncaster to create stunning dishes using local goods from Doncaster. Jean will be delivering his demonstrations on Sunday 12:00pm and 2:00pm.
Bentley Urban Farm

Bentley Urban Farm will be running a “Save and Seed Workshop” which will be focused on Slow Food and Slow Movement on Sunday at 10:30am.
Doncaster College
Doncaster College  will be delivering food demonstrations, with help from their students and lecturers for Delicious Doncaster on Friday at 11:00am, 12:00pm and 3:00pm.
Taste Of Peru With Maryan

Maryan Carrillo, originally from Lima in Peru, will be selling and sampling her unique sauces at Delicious Doncaster on Friday at 1:00pm.
Micheal Price – Slow Food

Micheal Price, owner of the clam & Cork as well as the Gourmet Kitchen, will be making an appearance right here at Delicious Doncaster on the Sunday at 3:15pm.
Jane Cummings – Olive and Vine – Wine Tasting

Jane Cummings, from Olive and Vine will be coming to Doncaster to deliver an amazing wine tasting masterclass at 4:00pm on Saturday.
Urban Worms Workshop

The Urban Worms will be bringing a worm composting workshop to Delicious Doncaster, to teach people how to make their own worm bins, the Urban Worms will be doing their workshop on the Sunday at 4:15pm.
To find out more about Delicious Doncaster, CLICK HERE.