FREE Portrait Photography & Light Manipulation Workshop

shane peagram
6pm, Thursday 2nd June @ Doncopolitan Studio, 83 Copley Road, Doncaster, DN1 2PQ. FREE ENTRY
Award Winning photographer Shane Peagram shows how to use free/cheap everyday objects to manipulate light for great portraiture.
This workshop is suitable for both beginners and experts alike. The workshop will focus on using phones and tablets to take great photographs, but feel free to bring a camera instead if you feel more comfortable.
The Doncopolitan Studio is quite small, so an email or confirmation via the Facebook events page would help us plan for the evening.
Follow this link for a Google Map – https://goo.gl/maps/Gj4jiNg63Pk

Love Photography… at any price

gwen coe
Our first Love Photography workshop, which focused on commercial photography for selling items on social media such as Instagram, was a huge success. Sprotbrough based home furnishers and close friends of the Doncopolitan, Reckage At Home, allowed us to use their warehouse studio for the workshop and workshop hosts Sarah Inkson and Fran Bibby encouraged us to take photographs of their incredible array of stock. The above photography was taken by Glen Coe and features on the ‘Doncogram’ page of this month’s Doncopolitan.
Our next workshop is hosted by the incredibly talented Shane Peagram. It will take place at Doncopolitan HQ (our studio at 83 Copley Road) on Thursday June 2nd at 6pm.
This time around we’ll be focusing on portraiture and Shane will be showing us how you don’t need thousands of pounds worth of equipment to make a good photographic portrait. Using easily found everyday items (mostly bits of rubbish and a few cheap tricks!) Shane will show you how to manipulate light to create great photographs.
As with our other workshops you won’t even need a camera (but feel free to bring one along if you want), Shane will have you taking great shots on your phone or tablet!
Our studio is small, so if you want to take part (who wouldn’t!) make sure you email us and let us know you’re coming so we can make sure we can fit everyone in…

3 Reasons To Visit The Waterdale

We’ve got 3 solid reasons to visit the Waterdale – and if things keep going the way they are, that number will keep growing!

Taste Eatery
Taste is a quality-driven eatery located in the heart of the Waterdale. They offer gourmet burgers and sharing platters, and they have weekly evenings of live music, spoken word and comedy on offer.  
They were set up by Open Cast and aim to give young people in Doncaster a stepping stone to employment – even more reason to support them!

Rewind vintage
A vintage store full of quirky collectables – the perfect place for thrifters and vintage lovers!

Notorious Aardvark
The Notorious Aardvark is Doncaster’s very own independent record shop built on a solid love for music. Simon Saynor is the talented man behind this music lover’s haven.
It’s not just about selling music here – Simon puts on album launches and special events, creating a musical community in the very heart of #TheDonx.
You can also buy online!

There’s lots else to enjoy in the Waterdale including The Polish Café and the Amazing Floral Sugar Shop.

With a great public space layout, Cast around the corner and a central location, we’re confident the Waterdale is gonna go through a growth spurt in the near future!

5 Things To Do In Doncaster

Ever feel like there are no things to do in Doncaster? Maybe at one point there weren’t, but now there are!

Here’s 5 things to do in Doncaster rrrrrright now:

Number 1 – Phantom Cinema
Phantom Cinema’s new season of film screenings begins with Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo on Friday 2nd September at Doncaster Little Theatre. Their impressive line up for the rest of September and October includes recent releases such as The Lobster, High-Rise and cult classic Taste The Blood Of Dracula. Tickets are £5 and more info can be found here.

Number 2 – The Real Junk Food Project
#FeedBelliesNotBins! The Donny branch of The Real Junk Food Project are popping up at the Hallcross Pub every week to stop food waste. They take food that would otherwise be thrown away by supermarkets, and make a meal of it!
You can pay as you feel for their fodder and they’re open every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 3pm til 7pm! Or if you like to get stuck in, you can volunteer here and you can also donate.
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Number 3 – Luther’s Drumming Workshop
Luther loves rhythm, so much so he wants to share it with everyone else. He’s an excellent, patient teacher, so don’t worry if you’ve never drummed before. You’ll be surprised at how therapeutic and relaxing drumming can be!
Find details of the next workshop here.

Number 4 – Cosy Cinema
Arguably one of Right Up Our Street’s biggest successes, Cosy Cinema is a Mexborough based Pop Up Cinema aimed at bringing the joy of the big screen back to the community.

Number 5 – Life Drawing at Churchview
Another surprisingly relaxing pass time is life drawing, and you can get involved under the guidance of local artist Adam Berry who recently set up this new class.
Join the Doncopolitan Show Facebook Group or join Adam’s Facebook page to hear details of the next class.


There you have it, 5 awesome things you can get involved in. Do you know of anything else awesome in #TheDonx? Help us get the word out; submit an article idea here!


Independent Venue Week at Diamond Live Lounge

Monday 25 Jan saw Doncopolitan Magazine and Notorious Aardvark celebrate Independent Venue Week at Diamond Live.

It was a hugely successful night with fantastic performances from four local acts – The Untouchable Elites, 13 Women, Smoking Beagles and Rita Payne.
We’re very grateful to everyone that came, it was a brilliant night! This is just the beginning folks – if we can achieve a huge turnout on a Monday night think what else we can do!
Here are some action shots from the very talented John Fuller: