Foodies Vs Fitness Freaks at the Mason's Arms….

We’re hosting our next Chow Down event on the 7th of July at 6.00pm at the Mason’s Arms. We’re looking to bring together Doncaster’s finest foodies and fitness freaks for Doncopolitan’s first food fight (well, not literally).
Food Fight .jpg We’re hosting this event in partnership with the Mason’s Arms who will be putting on a delicious super-food taster buffet. We want to create a night where people passionate about food and health can come along and share ideas about food and Doncaster’s various food cultures.
Let’s face it, Doncaster is a foodie town. With over 15,000 people employed in the food industry we want our town to become know for it’s great food. With a wonderfully diverse range of food companies, such as Toppings Pies, Jan’s Caribbean Kitchen and Dream Bakes, we have much to shout about. Come and join us and help us to support all our local foodies.
Foodies v Fitness Freaks poster
We also want to share with you our new plans to turn a disused Horticultural Centre into a market garden where you’ll be able to purchase fresh, organically grown, local produce. Food is the future. Come join us the party.
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Doncaster's Award Winning Aspergers Youth Club…

The Aspergers Youth Club (AYC) is a social group that provides a unique and welcoming environment for young people with high functioning autism. Situated in the Intake Children’s Centre, the group helps young people who otherwise find it difficult to develop their social skills in the standard school environment. Attending AYC their young people build confidence and make friends.
The centre provides arts and crafts, video games, various boardgames and even it’s own mini tuck shop. Regular trips and events, including a variety of coach trips, meals out, and even the occasional spot of bowling.
The group is managed by Karena Collins and a handful of other inspiring parents and volunteers, who support both AYC attendees and their parents alike. In recent years this has even led to a specific group for parents, where they can share experiences and offer advise for each other.
Autism awareness has increased considerably recently, opening a lot of peoples eyes and a greater understanding of the specialised care and support needed for autistic young people. Every form of Aspergers is different, with every person affected by it having different traits. However the AYC still remains the only group of its kind in the Doncaster area.
The groups recognition continues to grow by word of mouth, some media coverage, and nominations to various community awards. The number of members continues to expand, with visitors and new parents appearing through the door almost on a weekly basis.
The group is a non-profit organization, and has received kind donations for funding from various sources in the past, alongside the group’s own fund raisers. The AYC has received nominations for awards in previous years, alongside being nominated for the Duke of York Community Initiative Award in 2014, and the High Sheriff of Sheffield Award.
If you would like to know more about AYC visit: ayc.btck.co.uk

Shadowlands- A deeper look into the wardrobe @castindoncaster Reviewed by @midgitjones #Doncasterisgreat

Reviewed by  Emma Gullon @midgetjones
Ever since it was first advertised, I was very intrigued to see Shadowlands by William Nicholson; having been interested in the Narnia series as a child, I wondered whether C.S (Jack) Lewis’s personal life was just mystical, it certainly did not disappoint.
The privatised affair between Lewis and American divorcee, poet Joy Davidman was funny, awkward at times but ultimately adorable. Joy’s son Douglas is just as reserved as the protagonists, with his head permanently buried in a Narnia, but would frequently engage in debates with Lewis about the series particularly The Magician’s Nephew, which was frequently referenced throughout the play. Historical context also played a major role- this true love story began at almost exactly the same time as King Edward’s infamous abdication so he could be with Wallis Simpson, which added to the cynicism of Lewis’s friends family and colleagues over Lewis and Joy’s ‘friendship’.
Shadowlands 1
The set design of Shadowlands was subtly stunning- from large doors which opened up in much the same way as wardrobe doors open, to the ever changing scenery that the rest of the cast moved around, this all added to the fluidity and ‘magic’ that this story portrayed effortlessly. One scene that stood out for me the most was the backdrop; it would occasionally light up and show a very familiar lamp post surrounded by snow covered trees, offering the characters, particularly Lewis and Douglas, a form of escapism from the tragic situations that happen.
All in all, Shadowlands is a story of one of the world’s most famous authors as he learns the hard way how to step out of the wardrobe he built around himself and let his emotions out- as one of my favourite quotes of the performance says “the boy choses safety, the man choses suffering’.
Shadowlands is a Cast in Doncaster.
Friday 29th 7.30pm
Saturday 30th 2.30pm
Saturday 30th 7.30pm

Calling all music lovers did you know Doncaster had a Folk Festival?

In it’s eighth year, is one of the most important cultural events in the town’s
calendar. It brings to our streets and music venues an excellent variety
and quality of performance. The festival delivers live concerts featuring
acclaimed artists as well as a fringe, offering open sing¬arounds in informal
pub settings. Last year saw the biggest exhibition of traditional dance ever
held in Doncaster. This year’s Festival is held over the weekend of 20th¬22nd
May and there are plans to expand into the week preceding it with additional
events taking place at Taste cafe in the Waterdale, where, on the Thursday
evening,19th May, the Festival will hi¬jack the popular Taste Session.

Other venues are invited to become involved and are encouraged to contact
the organizers for details of how they can participate. If you want to bring an
existing event during the week under  the Folk Festival umbrella, we can
include it in our program and other publicity material. Doncaster Folk Festival Friday and Saturday night concerts are hosted as usual by the Ukrainian Centre with  Friday given over to sets from two hugely popular and enduring figures on the UK folk scene, Steve Tilston and Jez Lowe.
Much Garlanded singer songwriter and inspiration for the movie Danny Collins,
which stars Al Pacino, Steve Tilston was born in Liverpool and now resides
in West Yorkshire. His career has seen him linked with such luminaries as
Bert Janch, Maggie Boyle and the Ballet Rambert. Steve has appeared on The
One Show, Later With Jools Holland and BBC Four’s The Songwriter’s Circle. A
scroll down the customer reviews on Amazon would appear to endorse the
impressive write ups in The Guardian and The Observer of his latest album,
Truth to Tell. Jez Lowe is one the of busiest live performers in the country
both as a solo artist and with his band, The Bad Pennies. His songs, which
often address the industrial decline in the North East, have been performed
by such heavyweights as Fairport Convention and The Dubliners and have
now been picked up by the new breed of folkies like The Unthanks and The
Young ‘uns. His best known tune Back in Durham Jail has been covered by
more than 20 artists. Following their separate sets Steve and Jez unite to
end the evening performing together, offering a rare opportunity as they
chat and play, promising some insights into their approach to the craft they
have both followed for more than 5 decades. Listen in as they rekindle
the spontaneity of their late¬night living¬room song swaps. Questions,
answers, anecdotes and anarchy.

The Saturday night of the Festival, also at the The Ukrainian Centre, is
headlined, unusually by a poet, Les Barker. Originally from Manchester and
trained as an accountant, fortunately for us, Les swapped numbers for words.
His often prosaic subject matter, for instance, the Shipping Forecast, can
take bizarre and unexpected changes of direction carrying you along with
his masterful delivery. His poems and parodies of serious songs are funny,
fluent and thought provoking. He has the habit of uttering words of wisdom
along the lines of “Never criticise your fellow man until you’ve walked a mile in
his shoes. And if he doesn’t like it, you’re a mile away and you’ve got his shoes”
Support acts for the evening are Flossie Malavialle and Holy Moly and the
Crackers. Flossie has been active on the British folk scene since 2000 when
she swapped her native France for the chill North East of England. True to
her French roots this amazing vocalist covers the songs of Jacque Brel and
Edith Piaf while adding to the mix some Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and
Frank Sinatra among others. Flossie has a dozen albums under her belt and
although she doesn’t write her own songs, she truly claims those that she
sings with her unique interpretations. The evening kicks of with high energy
gypsy folk outfit Holy Moly and the Crackers who made a great impression
on last year’s festival circuit.

The Ukrainian Centre can be found at 48 Beckett Road. Just 10 minutes walk from
the marketplace. Home cooked food is available as well as locally brewed
ales. For those seeking alternative entertainment during the festival the
regular Ceilidh takes place on the Friday night at the Doncaster Deaf Trust on
Leger Way. Where we also offer camping facilities. Sing¬arounds can be found at
the Doncaster Brewery Tap, The Masons Arms and The Salutation. For those
interested in dance, seek out the Morris around and about the town and Nigel
Gresley Square throughout Saturday.

Expect to see people like this dude…

For further details visit:
doncasterfolkfestival .co.uk

@BangBangRomeo ROCKS out with reptiles on their new music video #Doncasterisgreat

We’re feeling very proud of our home town hero’s BBR this week. Not only have they announced that they will be performing on the main stage at the Isle Of White Festival, they’ve also released their new music video depicting the band rocking out with some deadly creatures…
You remember this scene from Dusk Till Dawn?
Then you’ll love this…..

Brave  kitten’s obviously destined for greatness. BBR we salute you.