Charity Football Marathon – 11th June

A ‘football marathon’ event is due to take place on 11th June at Goals Doncaster in Wheatley. The unique event is being hosted to remember the life of Barnburgh resident Andrew Sneddon, who tragically passed away, aged just 31, in February 2017. The football marathon will certainly test the endurance of those competing, but the day will not be all about the football. Local businesses such as Cream Castles and Base Beauty have kindly agreed to provide entertainment for spectators and energy supplements for the players.
Goals Doncaster are hosting the event for free and are donating four of their pitches to ensure a wonderful day for families, children and football fans alike. Those competing will be fundraising for the Doncaster branch of the Samaritans. Every six seconds, somebody calls the Samaritans. Ten times a minute, they help somebody turn their life around. Round the clock, they’re there for people who need them, any time of day or night. People can talk to them for as long as they like, as many times as they like.
Pam Thomson of the Doncaster Samaritans branch is supporting the event, commenting: “We are delighted to have been chosen to benefit from this event, it will go towards replenishing core funds we need to keep the branch in Doncaster running.  For over 50 years volunteers from the branch have been supporting those in need of a listening ear when they feel there is no-one else they can talk to.  We would like to extend our thanks to all those involved and for their support on the day.”
The event has been organized by friends of Andrew, who have put in numerous hours behind the scenes in order to ensure everything runs smoothly. Event organizer Dmitry Fedotov is calling for a good turnout, on what promises to be a great day: “Andrew was a wonderful person and it’s an honour to deliver something so special in his memory, whilst supporting a charity doing a wonderful job for those in need”.
If anyone is interested in being involved in the event, or for more information, please contact the event organisers via Goals Doncaster. To support the event please donate at www.justgiving.com/teams/andrew-sneddon-football-marathon

Review: Paul Weller @ The Doncaster Dome

That’s entertainment…
Paul Weller has been a regular visitor to the Doncaster Dome over the years but such is his legendary status that any call from the Modfather is always both welcome and exciting. The Woking singer has an intimidating back catalogue to choose from with 13 solo albums as well as his ground breaking work in The Jam and The Style Council. Weller would pick liberally from his unique 40 year career over the course of 31 rapturously received songs at Doncaster’s biggest and most dome shaped venue.
Weller released the critically acclaimed album Saturns Pattern in 2015 and it is ‘White Sky’ from that album that kicked things off. To say he has just had his eighth child and is approaching 60, Weller still looks and sounds great. Snarling and strutting, he attacks the microphone with his trademark mod haircut silhouetted against the all black backdrop.
When Weller announces the band are going to play an old song there is a collective intake of breath before they burst into ‘Ghosts’ from The Jam’s 1982 album The Gift. Guitarist and long time collaborator Steve Cradock announces that the next song will be a Style Council number and the crowd goes wild for ‘My Ever Changing Moods’. A stomping ‘Woo Se Mama’ gives way to a glorious rendition of The Jam’s ‘Man in the Corner Shop’ to inspire the first proper sing along of the evening.
Paul Weller is a man of few words who prefers his music to do the talking. The crowd are more than happy with this arrangement however as another Style Council track, ‘Have You Ever Had It Blue’ goes down a storm before the rousing ‘Friday Street’ is given a welcome outing.
‘Come On/Let’s Go’ precedes the first encore of the evening with Weller and the band returning for a tender acoustic section that starts with ‘Wild Wood’, takes in The Jam’s ‘Monday’ before moving breathlessly into a cover of ‘Love’ by John Lennon. The latter song is dedicated to those who recently lost their life in the Syria bombings.
New song ‘Devotion’ sits nicely alongside more familiar material, as does the even newer song ‘Ballad of Jimmy McCabe’, taken from the soundtrack to the upcoming film Jawbone. A slowed down acoustic version of Stanley Road favourite ‘Out of the Sinking’ ends the first encore.
Weller returns to the stage, this time with an electric guitar, to play new song ‘The Impossible Idea’. He closes with a full band version of The Jam’s classic single ‘Start’ before a note perfect, furious run through of ‘The Changingman’.
‘The Changingman’ is a fitting end for the Woking legend as Weller has changed. From The Jam to The Style Council to his various guises as a solo artist, he is constantly striving to retain a fresh and new sound while still being indebted to his past and his influences. 31 songs and nearly two and a half hours confirm that there is life in the old mod yet.
Rob Johnson – www.robwatchesmovies.com 

Review: Elbow @ The Doncaster Dome

As northern as killing your brothers kestrel…
Some bands make great records but don’t translate live. Some bands only work on stage. The best bands produce timeless records that sound even better when performed in front of an audience. Elbow are one such band.
They are also blessed with that most vital of components, an engaging frontman. Guy Garvey makes even big venues seem intimate with his conversational style and this relaxed atmosphere makes for an obliging and adoring crowd. When Garvey asks those in attendance to sing along or clap along or whistle along or wave along (he’s a demanding bugger) it never feels indulgent or forced. As he himself says ‘while we are all here, we might as well do a bunch of silly things’.
‘Gentle Storm’ kicks things off, one of many welcome cuts from the stunning new album Little Fictions. Some singers take a while to get into their stride. Garvey sounds perfect from the very first note. He introduces band members between songs, starting with guitarist Mark Potter, before the insistent strummed intro of ‘The Bones of You’ rings throughout the Doncaster Dome. ‘Fly Boy Blue’ follows and it feels particularly prescient as Garvey is expecting a baby any day now. Indeed, it’s a family affair for Garvey as he introduces his sister in the crowd before playing old track ‘Scattered Black and Whites’.
Songs from new album Little Fictions slip in effortlessly alongside older classics with the epic title track and ‘Kindling’ sounding particularly soaring. The band slow things down with a gorgeous rendition of ‘My Sad Captains’ before ‘The Birds’ chugs into new single ‘Magnificent (She Says)’.
For many other bands, a song as ubiquitous as ‘One Day Like This’ would become an overly familiar albatross around their necks but for Elbow it is just one more brilliant song in a set that is chock full of magic. The strings, the band and Garvey combine to do the track justice. It is a beautiful song performed beautifully.
The obligatory walk off precedes the encore of a triumphant ‘Lippy Kids’ and a savage rendition of ‘Grounds for Divorce’. As is customary, Garvey brings out his own drum kit to act as a demented conductor, leading the crowd in a dance of real ales, working men’s clubs and the north. Forget Yorkshire vs Lancashire, we are all northern brethren and tonight, Garvey is at the head of the table.
Rob Johnson – www.robwatchesmovies.com

Preview – Askern Music Festival

Askern Music Festival is to return this July after a successful inaugural year in 2016. Alongside a host of local bands, including some favourites from last year, will be Yorkshire heroes The Pigeon Detectives.
Askern Musical Festival started as a community event and fundraiser. It has grown into so much more than that however and 2017 promises to be a real coup for Doncaster.
Andy O’ Grady, organiser of the festival said ‘We are really pleased to have a top quality band, such as The Pigeon Detectives playing at Askern Music Festival 2017. Our aim is to give something back to the community by providing a fantastic day out, not just for the people of Askern, but also the people of Doncaster and beyond. Last year we promised bigger and better; so here it is!’
Askern Music Festival will take place at Askern Welfare Cricket Club on 15th July 2017 and advance tickets are priced at £20 for adults and £10 for children.
For more info on the festival see: