What is Co-working?

Co-working is a self-directed, collaborative, flexible and voluntary work style that is based on mutual trust and the sharing of common core values between its participants. Co-working involves a shared workplace, often an office, and independent activity. Unlike in a typical office, those co-working are usually not employed by the same organisation.

How would I benefit from co-working with Doncopolitan?

At Doncopolitan we will provide you with opportunities to join in on events, this could vary from events coming up in the near future or tagging along with already existing events. You’ll have access to a meeting room, which can be used regularly and also access to free wifi. The Doncopolitan co-working area is a very friendly, positive and artistic room that should satisfy anyone’s needs who wants to work in a creative environment.


£30 – Month

How to I sign up?

If you would like to find out more or sign up, email us at