Culture Crawl

Culture Crawl has already taken place. Make sure to follow Culture Crawl on Facebook to be kept up-to-date.

This event has already happened, another Culture Crawl will be taking place in October 2018.

It’s a bit like a pub crawl – except less booze and more culture.

Words: Rachel Horne

Culture Crawl Artwork: Lucina White

The first event will take place on Tuesday 24th of July, starting at 5pm. It’s a great opportunity to view and buy art by local creatives. Discover different bars and restaurants and enjoy a meal or drinks with friends. Most exhibition spaces will close between 8:00pm and 9:00pm 0 other venues will continue until later in the evening. Culture Crawl has been innovated by Doncopolitan Magazine as part of Culture week 2018. Aiming to prove there’s no such things as a “Cultural Desert’ – the event will showcase local creative talent and anything that adds to Doncaster’s metropolitan appeal. You’ll see our posters and fliers popping up across Doncaster featuring artwork by Lucina White a young 18 year old artist. This is what culture Crawl is about showcasing the work of brilliant talent.  For more of the backstory read my interview with Guy Russell HERE

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How to take part in Culture Crawl.

The Map is your guide to Doncaster’s first Culture Crawl event.  It’s up to you what you decide to visit and explore on the night but, if you are a hardcore Culture Vulture, we recommend meeting at C-view at 5pm and following the route in numerical order, exploring each venue as you go. This project has been supported by DMBC in collaboration with local businesses and artists. It’s a free night out but please make sure to visit our brilliant local venues such at Queens, Marketplace Alehouse, Salutation, Mason’s Arms, Rum Rooms, Magdalen’s, The Regent Hotel, Brewery Tap, The Little Plough, Draughtsman, Tut n Shive, The Leopard, Hallcross, Relish and Zest. View the map HERE


What is Culture Crawl?

Culture Crawl will take place in Doncaster town centre on Tuesday 24th July between 5pm onwards.  The event is an alternative night out where you can discover new venues view and buy art made by local creatives. The event will take place across various shops, cafes and bars in the town centre and aims to help people rediscover the town.


What ages is Culture Crawl Suitable for?

Children are welcome to attend Culture Crawl and some of the venues and locations will be providing activities for children. Not all venues are suitable.


How to do get there?

By train, Doncaster is less than an hour away from Sheffield, York and Leeds and an hour and a three quarters from London Kings Cross The transport interchange connects the train and bus station to the Frenchgate Centre and the rest of town. Doncaster boasts excellent links to the motorway network including the M1 (jnc 3/4), A1m (jnc 36) and the M62.


Where to park?

We recommend parking in the Frenchgate Centre car park. The Centre is ideally located in the heart of Doncaster with two secure car parks; Rooftop car park and Multi-Storey car park. The tariff is only £1.40 per hour.


How do I take part?

Culture Crawl is a volunteer led event we’d love to hear for local artists and venues that might want to take part.  



Culture Crawl Doncaster Lockwoods

Slowdown Sunday

What is Slowdown Sunday?

Back in May 2015, issue 8 of Doncaster’s Doncopolitan magazine focused on the slow movement and how it could help build a resilient and sustainable local economy in Doncaster. 

Slow principles focus on local, small-scale enterprise and artisan production. The Slow Food movement has shown that you don’t have to be big to be successful and that a commitment to quality and distinction can be highly rewarding. As Carl Honoré, author of In Praise Of Slow (Orion Books, 2004) observed:

“Across the world, food makers of all stripes are proving that small and slow are not only beautiful, but profitable too. Fifteen years ago, for instance, two large companies, Miller and Busch, dominated the US beer market. Today fifteen hundred craft breweries make beer following Slow Food Principles.”

When will the next Slowdown Sunday happen? We’re not sure but we’d like to make it a regular event over 2019. Got any ideas? Would you like to see a regular Slowdown Sunday in Doncaster?  Get in touch