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Doncopolitan Model and Drag Artist Bipolar Abdul

Welcome to Doncopolitan

If Doncaster wants to be a city, it needs to ACT like a city.

Doncaster has some truly incredible people living in it and it has a lot to offer, but somehow, it has a history of a complacent acceptance that it will never be ‘that good’. Many people who live there know it’s already more than ‘good’ and has been for many years, it’s just that what is special about Doncaster has not always been made easily visible.

In 2010, two creatives decided to do something about this. They wanted to shine a light on everything that made Doncaster a great place to live. They wanted to help the people in Doncaster feel warmth, hope and love towards their home town.

They were Warren Draper and Rachel Horne. As an ode to the fact that Doncaster had never been officially classed as a city despite having the potential to be one, they decided to call their new project Doncopolitan. With little idea of where their new venture would lead, they simply began doing. Together they curated countless events, festivals, exhibitions and gigs.

Before they knew it, they had a studio to work from. Then they had a print magazine, which quickly became treasured by the residents of Doncaster.

It became a platform on which people could share their voice, and provided many with an integral stepping stone onto bigger things. It brought heart back to a northern town through art, community, collaboration and a genuine desire to help people.

Rachel and Warren published 36 issues of Doncopolitan and even secured a licence to turn a disused horticultural centre into a community-led farm, now known as Bentley Urban Farm.

In 2011 they added this website to the movement in order to continue celebrating and supporting the people of Doncaster.

Today, Doncopolitan is an online magazine and continues to be passionately led by artist Rachel Horne.

The Future of Doncopolitan

We celebrate art, style, music, people, fashion, architecture, lifestyle and more. All ideas, no matter how big or small, are welcome, and we invite all creatives from Doncaster and beyond to get in touch at doncopolitan@gmail.com.

Doncopolitan is currently funded by Arts Council England Emergency Covid-19 fund. Over the last few months we have been commissioning local artists and writers to feature on our site. We want to continue to develop this once the funding has ended. We intend to grow our online space to provide paid opportunities for artists to writer and create on their own terms.

How to Support Doncopolitan

If you like the sound of our work you can support us by becoming a Patreon. Simply sign up and choose the amount you wish to donate, which can be as little as £3 plus VAT per month.

The generosity and kindness of people is what has enabled this movement to thrive for over a decade, and this is the only way it will continue to do so.

We are extremely grateful for all and any donations we receive, as it is what enables us to keep going on this unique and special journey that began over a decade ago.

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Spzero76 Street Art In Doncaster
Street Art Mural by Spzero76 in collaboration with Doncopolitan photography taken by Warren Draper in 2019