Green Jacker

Who is Green Jacker?

Green Jacker is the man behind Bentley Urban Farm, as well as being one of the many talented photographers and writers at Doncopolitan. Green Jacker has also been responsible for a lot of events related to urban gardening and taking life slow with slow food.

What is BUF?

Bentley Urban Farm (BUF) is an upcycled market garden based in Bentley, Doncaster. We are using reclaimed materials to turn a former horticultural training centre into a commercial growing project capable of providing affordable, fresh, healthy, local food whilst creating new opportunities for education, training, skill-sharing, employment and entrepreneurship.

BUF Boxes

Bentley Urban Farm’s BUF Boxes are filled with delicious, healthy, 100% organic fruit & veg. Our specialty is UK produced, seasonal food — including produce you won’t find in other veg box schemes, such as our ‘Pocketbook’ tomatoes and five-leaf-ginseng. Each bag sold helps to fight local food poverty.

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