FREE Help for Creative Businesses!

On Monday 29th June, Creative Industry Finance and Transmit Startups are hosting an event in Wakefield to help you start or grow your creative business.
Between 4pm and 8pm at Unity Works in Wakefield, WF1 1EP there will be advice on how to expand and diversify in order to become more sustainable, as well as guidance on accessing loan finance from various business advisors.
Director of Unity Works, Chris Hill will also be attending the event, in order to talk about raising funds for creative enterprises through community shares.
Depending on your needs, you can either book a session with a business advisor for some one-on-one advice, or simply hear from our speakers about the ins and outs of accessing finance for new or established creative businesses.

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Image by Dave Dugdale

4.00pm – 6.00pm Business Advice taster sessions for startups and established creative businesses
6.15pm – 8.00pm Talks, presentations from Creative Industry Finance, Transmit Startups and guests, followed by networking
If you wish to attend a business advice taster session AND the talks & presentations be sure to register for both parts of the event.

Business Advice Taster Sessions – Our Advisors
Damian Baetens (Transmit Start Ups and Creative Industry Finance)
Damian has worked within the creative industries, for 20 years and ultimately launched his own music management company which signed acts to EMI and Sony BMG. He was also a Business Support Director at an ERDF project for 3 years and has since financed and supported wider creative businesses through his work at Transmit Start Ups. His specialist knowledge is mainly the music industry, but he has also worked with content developers in other sectors such as film, games and digital, as a consultant and mentor.
Stuart Balmer (Creative Industry Finance)
Stuart has been running his own fashion label for 20 years now, so is proficient in formulating business plans, marketing plans, financial plans and cash flow forecasts relevant to all business. In particular, his advice applies to branding, range planning and production planning within the fashion industry. Stuart also trained as a designer and understands fully the nuances, idiosyncrasies and pressures of running a creative business. He now enjoys passing on this experience as a freelance businesses advisor to a growing portfolio of creative businesses.
Tracey Johnson (Creative Industry Finance)
Tracey Johnson is a creative and digital specialist with a broad knowledge and experience across the different sectors based in Yorkshire. She supports starting and growing businesses to help accelerate their success. She also co-founded MADE NORTH, a project to promote and support design and craft in the north of England.
For more information and tickets, click here.

‘A Day is 1440 Moments’ – By Les Monaghan #doncasterisgreat #1440minutes #lesmonaghan #doncaster creatives

There are 1440 minutes in every day. Each unique moment can never be repeated, yet digital devices that we carry with us can capture and record every instant.

A day is 1440 moments.
A day is 1440 moments.

Doncaster based artist, Les Monaghan would like to call on all Donny photographers, you social-documenters, amateur enthusiasts and professionals, all of you out there who have ever taken a photo, to help him gather images that matter which currently only exist on a digital device. Each image will represent one single moment from a day and together these will be compiled to create a visual portrayal of a day in the life of Doncaster.
Each of the photographs will be printed and placed according to the minute of the day it was taken.They will be displayed in an installation of 1440 prints, measuring 8 metres by 4 metres, at The Point Gallery. The installation opens during the exciting DNweekeND festival, which takes place all aroundDoncaster Town Centre from the 19/06/2015 – 21/06/2015. During this time you can visit theinstallation and watch as the collection of photos unravels to reveal the day.
What we need you to do: In order for this installation to work, we need help from the people of Doncaster. Please send us you’re a digital photograph of a particular moment, along with the minuteit was taken to lesmonaghanphoto@gmail.com, titled 1440. You can also visit the installation and donate photos on the day.

Stories about the photos are welcome.

Send images via email to: lesmonaghanphoto@gmail.com

Or pop in on the day at:

The Point Gallery, 16 South Parade, DN1 2DR

19/06/2015 – 2pm – 4pm

20/06/2015 – 9am – 4pm

21/06/2015 – 12pm – 3.30pm

Whey Hey! The #DNweekeND is back….#Doncasterisgreat

Doncaster town centre is set to turn into a hive of creative activity this June (19 – 21) when the Right Up Our Street team take over.
The second DNweekeND will be a cram packed with cultural events and activities with surprises around every corner.
From the Frenchgate Centre to the Waterdale Centre and Nigel Gresley Square, Market Place to the Mansion House and many places in between Doncaster town centre will be buzzing with creative activity.
Taking place from June 19 to 21 this festival of arts will take over public spaces, arts venues, shop units and shopping centres – indoors and outdoors – for one weekend only.
Andrew Loretto, creative producer for Right Up Our Street, said: “In 2014 more than 8,000 people from across the borough joined in with DNweekeND and this year we have some of Doncaster’s best local artists and groups plus national and international acts bringing their work to our town.
“This cultural explosion will light up the streets, inside and outside, for three days showcasing an eclectic mix of music, theatre, dance, installations, art, poetry, circus and spectacle.
“Empty and unused shop units will be transformed into quirky spaces and this year we are working with existing Doncaster businesses to bring something extra special to the weekend – from cosy one-person performances in a cafe to yarn-bombing market stalls and dancing in pubs!”
Historic Doncaster spaces will also be transformed into performance venues, the Mansion House will be opening its doors to performances of new writing from playwright Richard Hurford who has been working with local writers to create responses to the town centre and the Marketplace will be host to No Fit State who will be kicking off their international tour right here in Doncaster with their quirky and vibrant street circus show Open House.
The Doncaster Big Sing will bring together singers from across the borough to preview a brand new composition inspired by the history and future of Doncaster.
“In total more than fifty acts will be transforming the town with everything from intimate one-to-one performances to large scale theatrical performances, from walkabout interactive street performance, to chilled-out hammocks by the world music stage, the DNweekeND promises a weekend to remember here in our home town.
“We do hope that people from across our town will come along and take part in this fantastic free event for all the family and show just how creative Doncaster can be,” added Andrew.
To find out more visit www.rightupourstreet.org.uk

The Untold Story of Bletchley Park comes to Doncaster

Following the recent 70th anniversary celebrations of VE Day, Idle Motion’s That Is All You Need To Know tells the story of Bletchley Park at Cast, Doncaster on Wednesday 17 June in a stunning piece of visual theatre.
Total Theatre Award nominated Idle Motion takes the audience back to the eccentric country house filled with chess champions, Oxbridge graduates and young debutantes of 1940s England; the melting pot of Britain’s greatest minds.
Among these were the visionary Alan Turing (portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch in Oscar nominated The Imitation Game), the exceptional Gordon Welchman, and the thousands of dynamic women whose work was the hidden heroism of the war.
Idle Motion are one of the countries leading visual theatre companies who tour nationally and internationally, producing highly visual theatre that places human stories at the heart of their work. Their humorous and sensitive past productions include the Edinburgh Fringe Sell-Out Borges and I, and The Seagull Effect exploring a couple’s crumbling relationship as Britain is hit by the unexpected 1987 storm.
During their research, Idle Motion learned about Alan Turing who, as a result of being prosecuted for his homosexuality in 1952, took his own life two years later and was recently posthumously pardoned in 2013. Fascinated by this British mathematician, cryptologist and co-author of the foundations of computer science, the Idle Motion team intended to base their next work on his life story.
Following research into Turing’s incredible work during the Second World War at Bletchley Park and visits to the site itself, the team realised that Bletchley Park was full of astounding stories and people. What stood out most remarkably was that the thousands of people who worked there, kept it all a secret throughout the most of their lives, and this was the story the company wanted to tell.
As research continued, Artistic Director, Paul Slater read Gordon Welchman’s ‘The Hut Six Story- Breaking the Enigma Codes’, which was first published in 1982 and written in the 1970s. Welchman’s book was one of the earliest memoirs of life at the park that was published after the ‘secret’ history came out in 1974. The style of writing and insights held in the memoirs, provided an ideal foundation to the wider story of the park itself and the structure of That Is All You Need To Know.
That Is All You Need to Know incorporates correspondence such as Turing’s 1952 “Yours in distress” letter to his friend, Norman Routledge shortly before pleading guilty to gross indecency and voice overs of interviews with veterans who worked there during the war from the Bletchley Park archives .
Using personal testimony and multimedia on a stage busy with filing cabinets and typewriters, That is All You Need to Know is an insightful, innovative and immersive celebration of the remarkable men and women who cracked the Enigma code. The play is a celebration of humanities ability to solve the impossible, to crack the most complex of problems, and of the extraordinary people whose quiet work changed the course of our history.
Tickets for That Is All You Need To Know on Wednesday 17 June at 7.30pm are £15 adults /   £13 concessions* available from Cast’s Box Office on 01302 303 959 or castindoncaster.com.
*Includes 50p per ticket booking fee, not charged if paying by cash

#DoncasterisGreat and is campaigning to protect our historic buildings…

Almost 500 people have signed up to a new campaign aimed at protecting historic buildings in Doncaster.
In the words of local business owner Julie Buckley:
“More and more buildings in Doncaster are being turned into Bargain Stores, Cash Converters, Bookies and Discount Clothes Stores (Or being knocked down or left to rot).  Along with this comes an influx of gaudy signs ruining some of the beautiful buildings in Doncaster.  Help us to help retain the integrity of these historical monuments by stopping the frontages of buildings being disfigured by these.  If we must have these shops then at least let the signage be more in keeping with the building.  We want our town to be a place that people want to visit as tourists not just by the local bargain hunters.  The photo below shows just one of the many buildings being ruined, this one is directly opposite the Mansion House on Doncasters main street the High Street.
I’ve started this petition as I am tired of seeing our history being demolished or degraded.  Please help us to put a stop to this and bring Doncaster back to the beautiful town it once was”.
Join the petition HERE
We’re interested to here you thoughts. Does Doncaster needed more cheap shops?