Doncaster swimmers set to dive into the great outdoors

SWIMMERS in Doncaster can now wade into the great outdoors with the launch of a new open water swimming course at Hatfield Outdoor Activity Centre. The 800m long course has been put in place by open water swimming organisation SwimyourSwim, in partnership with Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust (DCLT).
Alistair Beattie, open water swim coach at SwimyourSwim, said: “We’re really excited to bring open water swimming to Doncaster. “The new course at Hatfield is 800m long and makes use of the whole lake. We’ve created a shorter course too, to cater for newcomers to the sport. “Swimming in open water, as long as it’s done safely and in the right environment, is a great experience and the health benefits are huge.” The course will be open every Thursday from 6-8pm and Saturdays from 8-10am. Newcomers can also enroll on SwimyourSwim’s iTOWS (Introduction to Open Water Swimming) course at Hatfield.
Stuart Wearing, group operations manager, from DCLT, said: “An open water swimming course is a fantastic addition to our sporting facilities here in Doncaster and we’re delighted to have the experienced team behind SwimyourSwim overseeing the sessions there, ensuring those taking part feel safe, comfortable and enjoy the experience.”

For more information about SwimyourSwim visit www.swimyourswim.com

For more information about DCLT visit www.dclt.co.uk

Leon Fryer and Alistair Beattie from SwimyourSwim


Get Ready for Donny’s Largest #YarnBomb Spectacular #Doncasterisgreat

This June get ready for Doncaster’s first major yarn bomb project in conjunction with DNweekeND. Whether you’re a newbie knitter or a crochet expert this is your chance to bring something unique to bright-up the drabest day.
Yarn Bombing is a relatively new phenomenon whereby groups of knitters have been known to attack urban spaces with beautifully decorated wools and yarns. Similar to street artists, yarn bombers places their beautifully honed artworks in unusual places to attract the attention of the public.
This yarn bomb project has been brought about by Knit & Stitch who are working closely with local craft groups to create specific yarn bomb artworks relating to the Market. Rachel Horne Doncopolitan Editor who also works at St John’s Hospice will be creating “Yarn Bomb Bon’s” in lemon and pink inspired by the markets sweet stalls. Liz Knight proprietor at Knit & Stitch has had a specific fish pattern designed for the project that knitters can download from online for free. The project hopes to see a hundred plus fish made that will celebrate Doncaster’s award winning fish market.
All the work created from will be displayed at Doncaster Market on 20th of June.If you are looking to attend a session here’s a list of groups and classes you can join. To find out more attend anyone of the following dates. But remember Yarn Bombing’s for life and not just for the DNweekeND all these classes are ongoing and take place every week in Doncaster.
Knit& Stitch Crafternoon
Wednesday 20th May 1pm-3pm
Wednesday 3rd June 1pm-3pm
26 Market Place, Doncaster Town Centre
Marketplace Ale House Deli Crafternoon
Tuesday 14th May 5pm – 7pm
Thursdat 21st May 5pm -7pm
21 Market Place, Doncaster DN1 1ND
Get involved Knitting & Crotchet Group
Tuesday 20th May 10am -1pm
Doncaster Central Library, DN1 3JE
Cask Corner Stitch & Bitch
Tuesday 26th May 5pm – 7pm
3 Cleveland Street, DN1 3EH

Mystical Celebrations Event Tomorrow….

Did you know Carcroft had a mystical side? Neither did we until TODAY….

On 10th May 2015, Mystical Offerings will be hosting a festival dedicated to the world of magic and spiritual therapy, in the Bullcroft memorial hall, Carcroft, Doncaster.
With a £1 entry fee, you can expect spirit readings, vintage clothing, music, meditation groups, and many, many more.
Events to book in advance include “The way of the green witch” and “Making tribal jewellery” which are both £20 per person.
If you wish for your business to participate with the event please contact Mystical Offerings at enquiries@mysticalofferings.co.uk. Stalls cost £15 each.
Mystical Offerings is a spiritual and wellbeing centre based in Carcroft. A great place to get a tarot reading or pick up some Nagshapa. Just another one of Doncaster’s #HiddenGems.
Find out More on Mystical Offerings HERE

Doncopolitan Presents

As dusk approached this Easter saturday, art and music came together in the Courtyard of Donny’s The Mason’s Arms. Doncopolitan may have made flowers out of old issues to decorate the tables (I say ‘we’, it was all Rachel Horne)… image Cute, right? …But the rest was down to the talent of Doncaster, the help of the staff at The Mason’s and the support of all the Doncolites that listened (even in the FREEZING cold).
The aim of the night was simply to appreciate Doncaster’s music scene (which of course, you all know is massive) and keep showing support for local artists the way Doncaster does so well.
Bam Morgan

Image by John Fuller with Adapt Films
Image by John Fuller with Adapt Films

Bam is a young musician from Doncocaster who can make a room (or in this case a courtyard) silent with just his voice and acoustic guitar. He plays original material all over Doncaster and recently started developing his EP for download. This is a slow process but his voice is certainly worth the wait so be sure to keep checking for new material. You can find Bam’s heartwarming music (every song gives you an insight into his amazing story) on Spotify, iTunes and even on our YouTube channel.
Want to hear more about Bam? Find his inspirational story on pages 38-39 in issue 6 of Doncopolitan. Or add him on Twitter or Facebook to organise an event/project with this young Donny talent.
Karl Scott
Image by John Fuller with Adapt Films
Image by John Fuller with Adapt Films

Just like Bam, Karl Scott is a Doncaster talent who writes all his own music and songs. However whereas Bam plays in bars such as the Cask corner on a regular basis, Karl travels for months at a time and focuses heavily on house concerts – not just on the road, but when he is back in Donny too! So there is beautiful Doncaster talent available in more than one environment, depending on your preference.
He too is looking to release an EP and always has hard copies of his music with him when he performs. But Karl’s talents don’t stop at singing, song-writing or playing instruments (he used four just in this one event), but he currently records and designs his own records, creates his own music videos and does other artistic projects such as up-cycled products.
If you want to contact Karl about a house concert or other project/event, you can find him on Facebook.
Rama Ramski
Image by  John Fuller with Adapt Films
Image by John Fuller with Adapt Films

Rama Ramski (AKA Neil Rands) is the definition of a true Yorkshire soul. He is warm, funny and approachable. But under all his Yorkshire friendliness lies pure, creative talent. Ramski became a full time painter in 2009 after working in the construction trade.
His work consists of Neo-expressionism inspired by a spiritual influence and the moving between space and time. This was particularly the concept he used during the event as he began to create a representation of music moving through time in the same ways as art while Karl Scott performed his music. To view Rama’s work or contact him for projects/purchases, click here. 
Image by John Fuller with Adapt Films
Image by John Fuller with Adapt Films

If you want to know more or want to see the performances from the night, keep an eye out for the uploads to our website, www.doncopolitan.com.
See you soon!