Rum, Rhythm and Rhyme

The Wool Pack Doncaster Town Centre
17th April 8.00pm onwards.
Free Entry.
That’s right, once again a Doncaster venue has very bravely allowed a local group of rogues and miscreants calling themselves “Shaggy Dog Story” to take over the premise for the evening. The aim is to showcase the extraordinary talent we have in Doncaster and surrounding areas as they present a night of bad jokes, foul language, exceptional shoes and unforgivable trousers.
Kicking off the evening with wit and weirdness is the delightfully foul-mouthed, somewhat crude and sometimes filthy Rum Direction, creation of guitarist Chris Heald. A lover of punk rock, it is easy to draw comparisons between Rum Direction and the Macc Lads. He also likes McFly but I promised not to say anything about that. Expect to hear songs that cover subjects as varied as footwear, female lady parts and telling a certain frontman of a particular psychofolkabilly trio to kindly go in the other direction. Mostly it’s about female lady parts. Not one for the faint hearted, the abhorrent Rum Direction will shock you and appal you but will mainly make you laugh until your stomach hurts and your eyes are streaming and you look like a horrid mess. He’s assured me you’ll enjoy it though…
”Who can possibly follow this?!” you cry!
…Time to welcome The Collective to the stage! The Collective have recently undergone a name-change, now apparently calling themselves The Workhouse Gypsies. However, someone’s been too lazy to change the posters, so as The Collective they shall stay. Often seen with guest performers and collaborators, you will recognise the core of these purveyors of Hiphopabilly as being the extraordinarily talented Jade “Gypsy Lee” Saxleby and Richard “Workhouse” Woolrich. Guaranteed to bring you a winning combination of clever lyrics, catchy song-writing and stunning harmonies that will have you spellbound. With a truly unique fusion of hip hop and southern country blues, this duo are difficult to watch without a smile as they infect you with the sheer enjoyment they have for performing.
…Which leaves the unenviable task of following these two hosts for the evening, Shaggy Dog Story. Firm believers in DIY, SDS have taken to presenting their own evenings to showcase artists they feel deserve further recognition whilst bringing their own special brand of mayhem to the stage. Energetic, eclectic and eccentric, Shaggy Dog Story consisst of three very different individuals: namely a punk, a pixie and a mod. Their somewhat conflicting influences and tastes resulted in the creation of psychofolkabilly, a blend of swampy blues riffs, strong folk harmonies and foot-tapping rockabilly rhythms. Expect glitter, chaos and the odd beheaded ex-wife during the course of their set and don’t expect to know what’s hit you.
An evening of originality, energy and attitude. Free Entry. Come join us, won’t you?
The Collective

Artist Leonie Regan Talks Phenomenology and Pebbles.

From Pebbles Series
The Pebbles Series

Phenomenology – is the body’s initial response and emotional reaction to an encounter through visual stimuli, otherwise known as a gut reaction. For this collection of work the main source of inspiration has come from the beach. Specifically the experience of walking along the sand, selecting pebbles and shells that are special to us, we then proceed to handle these objects exploring the size, shape, colours and textures of the piece to decide whether we want it to become apart of our physical and emotional collection of objects and memories.
As a ceramicist interaction is a key element to my practice and gives me a fascination with touch. I begin with the exploration of natural forms, searching for inspiration enabling me to create my own objects with my hands. I use a tactile process and therefore feel viewer interaction is a crucial part of the work, so I make things with this in mind.The tactile process that I have used to create these forms comes from taking a ball of clay and working in to the material pinching around the edges to create a bowl shape, the two halves are connected to create a sphere. I then carefully manipulate the shape in to the form I desire and finally, I apply numerous glazes to create various textures, so that each piece generates a unique experience.
Leonie’s work will be on show at the University Centre Degree Degree Show from the 20th -27th June 2014.