Slowdown Sunday

What is Slowdown Sunday?

Back in May 2005, issue 8 of Doncaster’s Doncopolitan magazine focused on the slow movement and how it could help build a resilient and sustainable local economy in Doncaster. 

Slow principles focus on local, small-scale enterprise and artisan production. The Slow Food movement has shown that you don’t have to be big to be successful and that a commitment to quality and distinction can be highly rewarding. As Carl Honoré, author of In Praise Of Slow (Orion Books, 2004) observed:

“Across the world, food makers of all stripes are proving that small and slow are not only beautiful, but profitable too. Fifteen years ago, for instance, two large companies, Miller and Busch, dominated the US beer market. Today fifteen hundred craft breweries make beer following Slow Food Principles.”


When will the next Slowdown Sunday happen? We’re not sure but we’d like to make it a regular event over 2019. Got any ideas? Would you like to see a regular Slowdown Sunday in Doncaster?  Get in touch