Donny United: Chin Wags & Get Togethers

If you listen to the Londoncentric media you would think that this is a nation totally divided and on the brink of collapse. But if you talk to the people of Doncaster you will find that we’re made of stronger, better, warmer stuff than that.
There have been a few ugly scenes locally, and anyone who attacks a person based on prejudice of any kind is absolute scum in my book, but Doncaster has seen nowhere near the rise in hate crimes which have been reported nationally.
As I’ve posted elsewhere the people I personally have spoken to about their leave vote have had very diverse reasons for making their choice. Mostly they seem to reflect feelings of dis-empowerment, distrust (in politics) and genuine concern for future of their children regarding an already strained local infrastructure. I was not a Leaver, but I do not believe for a second that the 104,260 Doncastrians who voted to leave did so out of the malice, misguidance or ignorance which some people are accusing them of.
One of the things we’re repeatedly told by people who have just moved to Donny, or who have moved away and come back, is how friendly the people and communities are. There’s an openness and feeling of community which is all too rare in this day and age. People often say that they feel that they can do their own thing without being judged. They also love the ‘Donny Banter’.
At Doncopolitan we feel that this banter offers an incredible opportunity to get people together simply to talk, share a cuppa and enjoy each other’s company. Talking is the most important thing we can do, but these days there doesn’t seem to be too many opportunities to simply come together and talk. How can we call it a ‘democracy’ if we have no spaces for debate?
In our own small way, one street and one tea pot at a time -the Doncopolitan wants to create those spaces. No hidden agendas. No preaching. No teaching. No political opportunism. And no point to prove other than people, when interacting at a human-scale, are generally friendly, socially minded and tolerant.
This Thursday (July 7th) friends of the Doncopolitan will be involved in a couple of events which we hope will be the start of a string of diverse projects designed to get people together for some good old fashioned jaw-jiving. Please join us…
In the morning we will be taking part in a litter pick which will also pave the way to creating a guerrilla garden on an abandoned plot of land in the Nether Hall region which the landlord has given us permission to develop into a permaculture garden. In the long run we hope this garden will also become one of those spaces for debate. If you’re free and would like to take part – Rachel has already promised to make the teas! – then meet us outside the Doncopolitan Studio (Copley Rd Project, 83 Copley Rd, DN1 2QP) at 9:30am.

Then, in the evening, the Doncopolitan is hosting the latest of its ‘Chin Wags’ down at The Mason’s Arms.
Foodies Vs Fitness Freaks is a celebration of good, healthy, local food. The Mason’s are putting on a buffet made up of selections from their amazing new superfoods menu and Donny’s top foodies and fitness gurus will be on hand to tell us why Doncaster is an amazing place for both fitness and food!
We’ll also be talking about some of the food related projects we have planned for the coming months and years… so make sure you join us!
Foodies Vs Fitness Freaks runs from 6pm until 8pm at the Mason’s Arms.
Come and join the food revolution!..
Watch this space for more chances for chin wag!


An annual celebration of Doncaster’s best in arts & crafts – from artists and makers working across the region.
There are prizes on offer for the best works in the exhibition, and with many of the pieces being for sale – ‘OPEN ART’ provides an ideal opportunity to purchase an original christmas gift

#DoncasterisGreat and is campaigning to protect our historic buildings…

Almost 500 people have signed up to a new campaign aimed at protecting historic buildings in Doncaster.
In the words of local business owner Julie Buckley:
“More and more buildings in Doncaster are being turned into Bargain Stores, Cash Converters, Bookies and Discount Clothes Stores (Or being knocked down or left to rot).  Along with this comes an influx of gaudy signs ruining some of the beautiful buildings in Doncaster.  Help us to help retain the integrity of these historical monuments by stopping the frontages of buildings being disfigured by these.  If we must have these shops then at least let the signage be more in keeping with the building.  We want our town to be a place that people want to visit as tourists not just by the local bargain hunters.  The photo below shows just one of the many buildings being ruined, this one is directly opposite the Mansion House on Doncasters main street the High Street.
I’ve started this petition as I am tired of seeing our history being demolished or degraded.  Please help us to put a stop to this and bring Doncaster back to the beautiful town it once was”.
Join the petition HERE
We’re interested to here you thoughts. Does Doncaster needed more cheap shops?

Artist and illustrator Mark Holiday @DoncasterMuseum

Expect some characters like this fellow....
Expect some characters like this fellow….

Doncaster based artist and illustrator Mark Holiday is holding an exhibition of his fairy tale and wildlife paintings, along with images from his lavishly illustrated children’s book Gullwick and the Sunset.Which is being held at Doncaster museum and art gallery from Saturday the 16th of May until Sunday the 28th of June. Admission Free.
The Exhibition is dedicated to the young and the young at heart. Be an Illustrator for a few hours
On Sunday the 7th of June from 11am through to 3.30pm Mark will be holding a workshop where you can come along and be an illustrator for a few hours. It will be held at Doncaster museum in the same room as Mark’s exhibition. It is open to young and old alike. Bring along any art materials you may have, though there will be plenty of paper and pencils. Tea and biscuits will be provided but if you would like some lunch you will have to bring that along.
Admission is free so you will need to book your place by contacting the museum and art gallery.
Website: www.doncaster.gov.uk/museums
Address: Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery, Chequer rd, Doncaster, DN1 2AE  Tel: (01302) 734293
Opening Times: Wednesday-Friday 10am-4.30pm
Saturday-Sunday 10.30am-4.15pm