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Give Her Flowers

Olivia crouches, smiling and holding her toddler

Olivia Jones explores the tradition of giving flowers on International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day has been celebrated for over a century globally; it observes the duality of  women’s achievements whilst continuing their fight for equality. Over the years, the day has been  commemorated with protests, competitions, donations and traditions. In Italy they celebrate the …

Black Lives Matter Doncaster – Where Racism And Classism Intersect

Black Lives Matter Doncaster protest organised by Olivia Jones

Understanding White Privilege in a Town With No Privileges. by Olivia Jones Doncaster, like many other towns in the north of England, is a predominantly white working class area. It is a town where people suffered in the Thatcher era and due to the continued false promises from the government, was lost in the fray …