Issue 17: what's it all about…

We wanted to bring to the surface some of the amazing designers, makers and innovators that we believe are changing the way people see Doncaster.
Our cover artwork was taken by our co-editor and photographer Warren Draper, it featuring images of binki swimwer design Jade Clark and taken in her studio in Carcoft. We are proud to say Jade is single handedly bringing the “rag trade” back to Doncaster.
Warren Draper discussed DoCaster which talks about the importance of creativity in our everyday lives and how this is the key to Doncaster’s ecomonic recovery.
dolly mixture necklace
Shelia North of SineFMs Book It visits Mandy Keaton at Art Fuel to discuss her 5 year journey to secure affordable studio spaces in Doncaster.We interview Naomi Horan about her jellery brand Odds and Sorts, which is sold all over the world from Naomi craft room in Town Moor
Rob Allen of SineFMs Sons of Sam Radio Show interviews the legendary Peter Hook of Joy Division and New Order. And our favourite Thorne based boyo Peter Sullivan discussion Something to Smile about festival and how with the support of his partner Becky is creating one of the UKs best grass roots music festivals at Hatefield Water Park.
We hope this issue of Doncopolitan inspires you to see how art, design and culture is shaping Doncaster for the better.
Doncopolitan is a print publication and studio based on Copley Road in Doncaster founded by creatives Rachel Horne annd Warren Draper. Doncopolitan is published by Horne & Draper LTD a creative studio and agency aimed at proving that there is no such thing as a “cultural desert”.  Their work explores society, politics, environment, fashion, street art and sub cultures through print publications, art, design and events.


An annual celebration of Doncaster’s best in arts & crafts – from artists and makers working across the region.
There are prizes on offer for the best works in the exhibition, and with many of the pieces being for sale – ‘OPEN ART’ provides an ideal opportunity to purchase an original christmas gift

Digging for Doncaster – volunteers sought for new archaeological exploration

History enthusiasts around Doncaster are being given a unique opportunity to get their hands dirty alongside leading archaeologists this summer as part of a fortnight-long dig to try to uncover secrets about the town’s First World War and military history.

excavating Doncaster
excavating the secrets of Doncaster

As part of the Doncaster 1914-18 project, archaeologists will be conducting two weeks of excavations in the grounds of St Peter in Chains Church on Chequer Road – the former location of the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry’s Scarbrough Barracks and just a stone’s throw away from the project’s curators at Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery. Members of the public will be trained in archaeological techniques, before picking up trowel and brush to see what early 20th century stories they can uncover buried beneath the ground.
“The dig site in central Doncaster offers a fantastic opportunity for those with an interest in history to work on a real archaeological dig. The site is the location of the former Scarbrough Barracks; these were built shortly after World War I, but prior to this the site was used for military training during the war, so we are hoping to find evidence of what activities were carried out here,” comments project manager, Dr Glyn Davies of ArcHeritage, which has been commissioned to undertake the dig. “A recent dig at what is now the new cultural quarter revealed practice trenches excavated by soldiers training in Doncaster. We don’t know if they were undertaking similar training in trenching on the barracks site but the excavation provides us with the opportunity to find out what they were doing.”
During the main dig, running from 10 – 22 August, the archaeologists will require 15 – 20 volunteers each day to help dig and process finds – including cleaning, labelling and bagging – but before that, around 5 people per day are needed at the end of July to help with geophysical surveys of the site. “This will give us an indication of the best places to start digging so that we can focus our efforts on parts of the land that have the highest potential to contain archaeological remains,” explains Dr Davies.
digging away
digging away

The volunteering opportunity is open to anyone over the age of 16, and no prior experience is necessary. Training will be provided on the Monday and Wednesday of each week, with volunteers then spending at least a day working on the site. Young archaeologists can also get involved, as those aged between 8 and 16 can join the team if they are accompanied at all times by a parent.
“Our team are spending the next four and a half years talking to communities in and around Doncaster about the experiences of their ancestors during the First World War and we are hopeful that this archaeological excavation will help us better understand how we prepared our young men for life on the front line,” says Doncaster 1914-18 Project Manager, Jude Holland. Father Augustine O’Reilly of St Peter in Chain’s Church added, “We are supportive of this project and encourage a good response to the appeal for volunteers. I hope it will be productive and the knowledge gained may be a source of great inspiration to future generations.”

Alongside the volunteering opportunities, the dig will be open to the public every day (except Sundays) between 10-22 August, 10am-4pm. On Saturdays 15 August and Saturday 22 August, visitors can join in action packed archaeology open days between 10am-4pm.

There will be hands-on activities, and fun for all the family. The Great War on Tour, the Project’s travelling roadshow will be present on both days, presenting a snapshot of Doncaster 1914-18’s latest research. “Once visitors have seen the archaeology in action, they can pop into the museum to learn more about the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry’s role in the War in our new exhibition, ‘A Call To Arms’,” adds Jude.

For details on how to register, volunteers should visit www.doncaster1914-18.org.uk or the ArcHeritage website http://www.archeritage.co.uk/news/#790 or contact ArcHeritage, by email diggingfordoncaster@yorkat.co.uk or phone 0114 2728884.

For further information on the Doncaster 1914-18 project, please visit www.doncaster1914-18.org.uk

Perform in Cast's homegrown production of Dancehall #DancehallDN

Take part in
next major production – the history of Doncaster from the Dance Floor. http://tinyurl.com/njqrxzd

‘A Day is 1440 Moments’ – By Les Monaghan #doncasterisgreat #1440minutes #lesmonaghan #doncaster creatives

There are 1440 minutes in every day. Each unique moment can never be repeated, yet digital devices that we carry with us can capture and record every instant.

A day is 1440 moments.
A day is 1440 moments.

Doncaster based artist, Les Monaghan would like to call on all Donny photographers, you social-documenters, amateur enthusiasts and professionals, all of you out there who have ever taken a photo, to help him gather images that matter which currently only exist on a digital device. Each image will represent one single moment from a day and together these will be compiled to create a visual portrayal of a day in the life of Doncaster.
Each of the photographs will be printed and placed according to the minute of the day it was taken.They will be displayed in an installation of 1440 prints, measuring 8 metres by 4 metres, at The Point Gallery. The installation opens during the exciting DNweekeND festival, which takes place all aroundDoncaster Town Centre from the 19/06/2015 – 21/06/2015. During this time you can visit theinstallation and watch as the collection of photos unravels to reveal the day.
What we need you to do: In order for this installation to work, we need help from the people of Doncaster. Please send us you’re a digital photograph of a particular moment, along with the minuteit was taken to lesmonaghanphoto@gmail.com, titled 1440. You can also visit the installation and donate photos on the day.

Stories about the photos are welcome.

Send images via email to: lesmonaghanphoto@gmail.com

Or pop in on the day at:

The Point Gallery, 16 South Parade, DN1 2DR

19/06/2015 – 2pm – 4pm

20/06/2015 – 9am – 4pm

21/06/2015 – 12pm – 3.30pm